How to Make Your Above Ground Swimming Pool Pet-Friendly

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA®), 37-47% of all households in the United States have a dog. Your pet is a direct extension of your family and should be treated like one! With many breeds loving the water, what better way to make extra use of your swimming pool than to let your dog go for a swim? Take a look at LinerWorld’s tips on how to make your above ground swimming pool pet-friendly!

Use Safety Precautions

The most important component of making your above ground swimming pool pet-friendly is keeping safety as your number one priority. Ensuring the safety of your dog and your pool should always be front and center. Some top tips to consider include:

  • Always rinse off your dog after each swim to help protect their skin and fur
  • Keep an eye on your skimmer for any build-up of unwanted debris, pet hair, and dirt
  • If your dog sheds an excessive amount, it may not be wise to let them in your pool

Install a Dog-Friendly Ramp

Above ground swimming pools do not have gradual steps leading into the water like in-ground pools do. Installing a dog-friendly pool ramp or pool stairs creates an easy way for your dog to enter and exit the water safely and by themselves. In addition, pet-friendly pool entries help older dogs stay active and keeps the integrity of your pool liner safe.

Take Your Dog Potty Before Swimming

Although it’s an unlikely occurrence, taking your dog to the bathroom prior to swimming is always a good idea so it doesn’t go in the water. Both pets and humans using the pool as a bathroom has negative side-effects on health, which has been linked to lung and central nervous problems. Giving your pet multiple breaks throughout its swim ensures that it’s going to the bathroom in the correct spot and not in your pool.

Have Toys to Play With

Protecting your swimming pool liner from scratches, tears, and rips is crucial to keeping your liner intact and usable. Providing your pet with plenty of toys keeps them occupied and away from the sides of the pool. Additionally, toys such as a ball help your dog stay active and engaged while swimming.

Explore more information on swimming pool safety for both pets and pool owners on LinerWorld’s blog. If your dog loves to swim, share a picture with us on Facebook!

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