Everything You Need to Know About Solar Pool Covers

Updated 11/20/2023

Want to quickly and efficiently heat your pool without spending extra money on utilities? If that sounds like a good deal, then a solar pool cover might be a great option for you! 

We get a lot of questions about these awesome pool covers each summer, so we thought we’d share some insights:

How do solar pool covers work?

Solar pool covers harness the power of the sun to help heat your pool. The cover looks similar to bubble wrap, and the tiny bubbles work together to collect and retain heat from the sun’s rays. The heat is then delivered to the water, effectively heating your pool.

Solar Pool CoverDo solar pool covers actually work?

Absolutely! These solar pool covers have been proven to raise your pool water temperature by 15 degrees — without using any additional heat source. Most pool owners find solar pool covers to be a great investment.

What is the best color for a solar pool cover?

Solar blankets come in many colors, but clear and blue covers tend to be the most common. Which color is best for your pool depends on your goals and personal preferences.

Because they’re translucent, clear solar covers allow more light and energy to access the water, so you may see more of a temperature increase. However, it works the opposite way as well, so more heat escapes and your pool may not retain the heat for as long.

Dark blue covers, on the other hand, allow less energy to pass through, so the temperature change often isn’t quite as dramatic, but the pool retains the heat longer. If you’re looking for a good balance between heat absorption and retention, consider a light blue solar cover.

How much do solar pool covers typically cost?

They’re not as expensive as most people think. You can generally find a solar pool cover or solar blanket for between $100-$250. Features like size and the thickness of the cover will impact the price.

Solar CoverHow do I store a solar pool cover?

Properly storing your solar cover at the end of the outdoor pool season is essential if you want to prevent damage and replacement costs.

  • Lay the cover out on a flat area (grass preferred) and hose it down.
  • Let it dry completely. You can use a leaf blower to speed up the drying process. Don’t let it air dry for too long in the sun, as it can burn/damage your grass.
  • Once dry, fold it up and place it into a container with a secure lid to prevent animals and debris from causing damage.
  • Follow all manufacturer instructions. In most cases, you just use water, and no special cleaners are required.

How do I keep a solar pool cover from blowing off?

Generally, solar covers grip pretty well on the water surface and do not require anything to weigh them down or prevent blowing. If you’re having problems with your solar cover blowing in the wind:

  • Use Cover Clips: Specially designed cover clips secure the edges of the cover to the pool’s rim. They are usually made of durable materials like plastic or metal and can be easily attached and removed.
  • Install Windbreaks: If possible, install windbreaks around your pool area. Fences, shrubs, or other structures can help reduce the impact of wind on the pool cover.
  • Trim Surrounding Trees and Bushes: Overhanging branches and bushes can contribute to debris accumulation on the cover and increase wind resistance. Regularly trim these to reduce the risk of the cover being blown off.

For more assistance, contact a pool specialist like LinerWorld

What size solar cover do I need?

You want to get a solar blanket that covers the entire pool so there’s no room for heat to escape. To figure out the right size, measure your swimming pool from the longest and widest points. 

If you look at your pool like a clock face, generally, you’ll measure from 12 to 6 and 9 to 3. When in doubt, bigger is better. 

Solar covers can generally be cut to fit.

Which way does a solar cover go on the pool? Do the bubbles go up or down?

The bubble side goes down on a solar pool cover. The heat gets trapped in the bubbles, so this allows more surface area of the cover and the bubbles to touch the water and heat it up!

What are the benefits of using a solar cover for my swimming pool?

There are lots of benefits of using a solar cover! Let’s look at a few of the biggest ones. 

  • It’s a cost-effective way to heat your pool and retain the heat longer. You’re not paying for any additional utility expenses. 
  • It’s environmentally friendly. The sun is a powerful renewable resource! 
  • Keeps bugs and debris out. In addition to heating your pool, it’ll also help keep unwanted pests and debris out when the pool isn’t in use. 
  • Fewer chemicals. Because it’s keeping dirt and debris out of your pool, you’ll need fewer chemicals and cleaning to keep the water sanitary and balanced. That’ll save you money and time! 
  • Reduces water evaporation. The cover helps keep water from escaping your pool, so you’ll have to do less filling throughout the summer and use less water overall. 

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