Fighting Against Algae

Many swimming pool owners worry that algae will grow in their swimming pool and that it will ultimately result in needing a new pool liner or a cleaning out the entire pool. This can be avoided with the correct steps are taken to prevent the algae from sprouting. First of all, always make sure that the pool water is balanced. This means that the water should be tested with a testing strip every couple of days, or even daily, to ensure that the chemicals, pH and other areas are at their correct levels. Also, the water should be filtered every day so that it stays clean. If there isn’t proper filtration and circulation throughout the pool every day, bacteria will start to grow. These things like to start out in small crevices and in dark areas of the pool.

Weather also has an effect on whether or not the algae, or other bacteria, will be prone to grow. The best example of this comes with sunny days. Just like any other plant life, algae and bacteria grow with sunlight. This means that the water may need to be checked more often to ensure that it is balanced. A solar cover might also be a good idea to have if your pool is in sunlight throughout the day. Some light is good, but too much will provide a lot of food from these plants.

One last bit of prevention that can be done is brushing the pool. This doesn’t necessarily mean draining all the water and cleaning the walls, this just means a light brushing against the walls to avoid any type of growth. The brush needs to be safe to use on the pool wall or vinyl liner first of all. And then, if you wish, the walls and floors could be brushed every year or so. This will prevent any plant life in the pool to start growing on those parts of the pool.