Above Ground Pool Liner Replacement Warning Signs

Your swimming pool can be your most prized possession in the summer, it can be an oasis for you and your family to escape the heat and relax after a long day. But after time, your pool could start looking worn down and less inviting than it previously had been. Understanding the top above ground pool liner replacement warning signs is very important! When it comes to replacing your pool liner, you should be paying attention to any changes in order to save you time and money in the future. This will also help to ensure that your backyard paradise stays looking clean and inviting for years to come.

We will go over the most important above ground pool liner replacement warning signs that you should look for and the steps that you should take if your liner is showing any signs of wear.

Pool Liner Fading

A good quality replacement pool liner will always be built with UV ray protection along with other ingredients to prevent fading. Even with these UV ray inhibitors, eventually, the sun and chemicals from the pool will cause fading. As your swimming pool liner begins to fade, it will become more brittle and less pliable. This means that your pool liner will no longer as easily be able to expand and contract like it once did.

In general, your pool will also look less lively than it had before and will not be as inviting for you and your guests to want to swim in.

Cracking and Tearing of your Pool Liner

These issues are usually the most obvious out of all of the issues that could occur as your pool liner ages. Cracks and tears will usually continue to grow, causing water loss or even damage to the pool base. This will lead to an even larger problem and more money in the long run if the issue is ignored.

Pay attention to even the smallest cracks and tears, and understand that they will likely get bigger. Taking action on these issues now will help to save you from a headache in the future.

Leaking Pool Liner

Along with cracking and tearing, comes leaking pool liners. A leaking pool liner is usually the issue if you notice that the level of water in your pool drops 1” in less than 2 weeks. Again, this could cause erosion to the base of your pool, along with a possible sinkhole situation that could lead to complete pool loss. Be attentive to the fact that a small leak could lead to a large issue and take the proper steps to get it fixed!

Liner Stains and Discoloration

Stains and discoloration don’t cause damage like you might think, but are unattractive for you and your family to look at as you use your pool. These stains are often a result of algae, chemical damage, minerals, or metals. Most stains can be taken care of with the help and advice from a pool professional, but if they still do not come out after treatment, liner replacement may be the route that you want to take.

Wrinkles in your Liner

A great liner that is made to fit your pool will fit it perfectly. As your pool liner ages, you could start to see wrinkles at the bottom, corners, or near fittings of your pool. Even though wrinkles in your pool liner might not seem serious, wherever they are in your pool, you should take caution. Wrinkles could be the cause of an old liner, poor quality liner materials, improper installation, or damage to under-floor or under-wall spots. Make sure that you are taking the time to replace your pool liner if you notice these issues!

If you are noticing any of these issues with your pool liner, take the necessary steps to purchase a new liner for your pool. By purchasing a replacement above ground pool liner, you will be able to renew your pool and your backyard paradise will once again be the envy of the neighborhood.

Next Steps for Above Ground Pool Liner Replacement

We make it easy for you to find the perfect pool liner that is right for you. Using our Pool Liner Selector, just let us know what your pool size is and what type of replacement liner install type you’re looking for, and we’ll show you which liner designs we have in stock and ready to ship for your pool!

It’s important to us that your liner is in its best condition possible to ensure that you are able to use it for years to come. By taking the time to find the right liner for your pool, you are increasing your pool’s longevity and creating happiness for yourself, knowing that you chose a liner that fits your style and budget.

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