What To Look For When Buying A Pool Liner

Above ground swimming pools are more popular than ever, making vinyl pool liners a hot commodity these days! While the other guys are facing serious pool liner shortages, LinerWorld has above ground pool liners in stock and ready to ship! As you’re browsing our incredible inventory of the best vinyl pool liners, you may have a hard time deciding which one is right for your backyard. We’ll go over what you want to look for when finding the right pool liner, helping you to narrow down your choices and make the right decision!

1. Pool Liner Colors

The most popular colors for pool liners are shades of blue! Other pool liner patterns feature more diverse color schemes, and some of the newer pool liner colors feature black and pink designs, but shades of blue are the most common. Let’s take a closer look at the pool liner color options you have:

  • Deep Pool Liner Colors: Pool liners that are darker do a good job of hiding debris in your pool, so you can spend more time swimming and less time cleaning! The darker your pool liner, the easier it is for it to absorb the sun’s warmth and naturally heat your pool. With a darker liner though, it’s more likely that they will fade faster than lighter or brighter pool liners, so be prepared for color changes over time.
  • Light Pool Liner Colors: A pool liner in a lighter shade is less susceptible to fading than the deeper color options but will need to be cleaned more often since you will be able to see the debris more easily. Lighter colored liners also will not hold onto the sun’s heat as well, so they will be less helpful in keeping your swimming pool warm.

It’s important to remember that with any pool liner color, the lighting will affect how it actually looks. You’ll want to know that the water will reflect the sky, so the light for the day can change exactly how your pool looks. If you have trees surrounding your pool, for example, they can cast shadows making your pool look darker than it actually is. Before choosing which color will be best for your pool, look at your pool throughout the day to see how the lighting changes, this will help you to decide which liner is best for your backyard.

2. Pool Liner Patterns

Just as your pool liner color can influence the look and feel of your above ground pool, so can the pattern you choose! Let’s explore some of the most popular pool liner pattern options available from LinerWorld.

Tile & Mosaic Patterns

Vinyl pool liners that have the look and feel of tile or mosaic patterns are a classic, timeless option for pool owners. With styles that range from more traditional to fresh and new looks, you can achieve a wide variety of looks in your above ground pool without the cost or maintenance of pool tile.

Tahoe Valley Pool Liner from LinerWorld

Tahoe Valley

San Tropic Breeze Pool Liner from LinerWorld

San Tropic Breeze

Tahitian Spa Pool Liner from LinerWorld

Tahitian Spa

Glimmerglass Pool Liner from LinerWorld




Royale Abyss Pool Liner from LinerWorld

Royale Abyss

Natural Stone Patterns

River rock is a popular natural stone choice found in some of the most stunning landscape designs around. Pool liners that feature a natural stone look create an equally stunning look for your above ground pool!

Stoney Creek Pool Liner from LinerWorld

Stoney Creek

Bluerock Lagoon Pool Liner from LinerWorld

Bluerock Lagoon

Underwater Adventure Patterns

Looking for something a little more fun or adventurous for your pool? Choose a liner pattern that depicts an underwater world! Be daring and swim with the sharks or choose a more relaxing deep sea look with turtles and bright fish!

Shark Nation Pool Liner from LinerWorld

Shark Nation

Great Barrier Reef Pool Liner from LinerWorld

Great Barrier Reef

Solid Color Patterns

There’s something so timeless about a vibrant pool liner in a solid color. Vivid shades of blue are classic, while new options like black and pink are transforming backyard poolscapes into something new and unexpected!

Ombre Sea Pool Liner from LinerWorld

Ombre Sea

Pool Party Pink Pool Liner from LinerWorld

Pool Party Pink

Crystal Blue Pool Liner from LinerWorld

Crystal Blue

Thermal Black Granite Pool Liner from LinerWorld

Thermal Black Granite

3. Pool Liner Thickness

Traditionally, it’s believed that the thicker a pool liner is, the longer it will last but that’s not quite true. Thicker liners aren’t always as flexible as thinner liners, creating more issues on installation day.  More important than the thickness of a pool liner, is the quality of materials used and the manufacturing process. Here at LinerWorld, we use 25 gauge, heavy-duty, 100% virgin vinyl to stand up to tough conditions while still looking great!

4. UV Protection

A quality pool liner will have UV protection to protect it from fading, helping it to last longer. There are some great treatment options available to protect pool liners from the sun’s harmful UV rays to make them fade resistant. Overall, it will help to make sure that you don’t have to replace your liner as quickly as if it wasn’t treated with UV protectant.

5. Installation Process

When you’re ready to buy a replacement pool liner, you’re probably already thinking through the installation! Look for a pool liner manufacturer that offers easy-to-follow, simple installation steps and bundles all of the pool liner accessories you need to make the job more manageable. Whether you’re replacing an overlap, beaded, or expandable pool liner, it should be easy to get the instructions and accessories you need to get the job done!

BONUS TIP: Check Out the Pool Liner Warranty

Does the vinyl pool liner you choose come with any kind of warranty? Between manufacturing glitches and delivery issues, it’s important to know what’s going to be covered and what’s not. Here at LinerWorld, our above ground pool liners come with a 25 year, prorated manufacturer’s warranty that covers manufacturer defects.

Finding a new liner for your pool is a fun experience and will give your backyard a makeover! Taking the time to make sure that you have the right liner will help you to create an oasis that will be the envy of your neighborhood. If you have any questions about selecting the right replacement pool liner for your above ground pool, check out our easy-to-use Pool Liner Builder or use our online GET HELP chat feature in our online store!

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