Extend Your Outdoor Pool Season for Weeks (or Months) with these Tips!

For water lovers, swimmers, and pool owners, the outdoor swimming season often seems too short — especially for those in colder climates. If you wish you had just a few more days or weeks to enjoy your pool, you’re in luck. There are a few tricks that can help you sneak in just a little more swim time and extend your swim season before closing your pool for the winter.

Gas Heaters

Using a gas heater, which generally runs on natural gas or propane, is an effective way to heat your pool and make the season last. While they can up your utility costs, they work quickly for maximum swimming time and can be used in any climate.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are another option that works particularly well for pools in warmer climates. These heat pumps utilize the air around the unit and generally require temperatures be above 50 degrees, so where you live and when you want to swim are determining factors in whether or not they’re a viable option. The benefit is that they’re cost-effective and save pool owners a lot of money compared to gas heaters.

Solar Panels

Much like solar covers, solar panels utilize the power of the sun to keep your pool warmer longer. Unlike covers, they can continue being used while your pool is in use, so your pool continues to stay warmer longer. The eco-friendliness and one-time investment make them a popular accessory for pool owners and a great way to save money on your pool heating costs. Many customers have noted installing solar panels has allowed them to open their pool earlier and keep it open longer, making the most of their investment overall.

Swimming Pool Enclosure

Pool enclosures can be an investment, but they definitely help make your swimming season last even longer. There are a variety of options, but pool enclosures are meant to protect your pool from the outdoor elements, making it more like an indoor swimming experience and often allowing you to use your pool year-round. If you don’t have the finances or space for a full enclosure, even simple tricks, like putting up a large tarp to block the wind can help keep your pool warmer for a while.

Outdoor Patio Heaters & Fire Pits

While these won’t make your pool warmer, per se, patio heaters and fire pits can be effective in extending your pool season. They allow swimmers to warm up quickly after exiting the pool when the air is chilly and allow you to enjoy your backyard and patio area longer, even if it’s too cold for swimming. As always, use safety precautions and supervise children around heaters and open flames.

Remember, once temperatures outside and your water drop below 60 degrees consistently, you should start the pool closing process to avoid damage to pipes and equipment. When the time comes, check out our handy pool closing guide to efficiently and properly winterize your pool. Enjoy the remaining swimming season!