Tips for Keeping Animals Out of Your Backyard Swimming Pool

While they’re a summer haven for humans, backyard swimming pools can also be dangerous for animals. Wildlife, small animals, and pets can become trapped and drown in a pool, while others can become sick by drinking too much chlorinated water. Additionally, animals like raccoons, squirrels, ducks, and deer that come in contact with your pool can transfer harmful bacteria, causing illness in children and adults. Taking preventative measures can help keep wildlife out of your yard and ensure your pool stays animal and accident-free this summer. Animal-proof your backyard swimming pool with these tips:

Build a Fence

A fence is a great way to protect most animals and pets from the pool area. While fences won’t prevent 100% of animals from entering your pool or backyard, it is an effective deterrent for animals. It can also help keep wandering children safe around the water as well.

Use a Pool Cover

Pool covers, especially safety pool covers, provide a protective barrier between your pool and the outside environment. In addition to protecting the water from weather and debris, they can also effectively prevent animals and pests from gaining access to the water. Keep a close eye on things to prevent pets and children from damaging or getting tangled in the cover.

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Provide Escape Routes

If an animal does get into your pool, the steep sides can make it difficult for them to get out. Various products on the market are specifically designed to enable trapped animals to escape before drowning. Some examples include:

  • Buoyant flotation devices along the pool’s edge
  • Nylon ropes knotted and strung along the pool’s edge to give leverage for animals climbing out
  • Pool ramps/scamper ramps for animals attached to the sides of a pool for an easy walk or crawl exit

Additionally, certain design features of a pool can provide opportunities for an escape route. Consider a pool design with ledges or a shallow “beach” entrance. Installing pool stairs can also be an easy, affordable option that allows pets to escape if need be.

Use a Sprinkler System

The unexpected spray of water can help scare away animals and keep them from entering your yard or pool. This isn’t foolproof, but it helps. You can set the sprinkler to whatever time and frequency you like. As a bonus, it’ll keep your lawn looking nice and green all summer.  

Provide an Alternative

Oftentimes wildlife like frogs, chipmunks, and geese are looking for a water source to drink or clean off in and see your pool as a convenient option. To prevent this, creating an alternative water source nearby can encourage them to bypass the pool. Examples include a small pond, birdbath, or fountain with natural foliage.

What methods do you use to protect your pool from wildlife and wandering pets? Let us know on Facebook! Need more help protecting your pool and backyard from unwanted animals and pests? Contact an experienced LinerWorld representative to learn more about our safety products.

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