The Pros and Cons of Swimming Pool Enclosures

Typically found in hot climates, swimming pool enclosures or pool cages, are popular choices in geographical regions like Florida. These screened-in lanais offer countless benefits to pool owners and are a welcomed choice for many braving the heat and direct sun year-round. LinerWorld wants to share the pros and cons of adding a swimming pool enclosure to your backyard!

Pros of Swimming Pool Enclosures

Protection from the Sun

If you live in a warm climate that gets a lot of direct sunlight, adding an enclosure around your swimming pool will help alleviate exposure to the sun. Pool cages offer a greater amount of shade and helps save on pool maintenance costs as well. According to Home Stratosphere, sun protection for your swimming pool helps in extending the life of the chlorine. Even with the added protection from the sun, it’s important to always practice sun safety while outside, especially for long periods of time like when swimming.


Pool enclosures offer added safety from the outdoor elements and for your home. The screen material that lanais are typically made out of help keep out animals, bugs, dirt, and other unwanted elements. These enclosures also act as a more secure version of a pool fence, keeping out small children or unwelcome guests.

Year-Round Pool and Spa Use

Many pool owners that have an enclosed swimming space, include other entertaining elements like patio furniture, a pool bar, and hot tub. Pool cages combined with a pool heater help with comfortable swimming conditions no matter the season. Additionally, if you live in a climate that experiences rain or snow, a lanai will allow you to use your spa year-round.

Cons of Swimming Pool Enclosures

Limited Landscaping Options

A major downside of having a pool enclosure is that you are limited with the type of landscaping you can do. Providing a lot of shade, many plants cannot survive without sunlight. Enclosures also tend to take up a lot of yard space, reducing the amount of grass significantly.

Chilly Pool Water

Another limitation that comes with pool cages is the fact that your pool water can become chilly. The limited exposure to the sun doesn’t allow for the use of solar pool covers, which are energy efficient and cost effective. However, there are other heating options like gas and heat pumps.


Installing a pool enclosure adds an extra expense as a pool owner. HomeAdvisor shares that the average price of a pool cage costs around $9,000. This added price tag is something to take into consideration when deciding whether or not this is the right option for you.

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  1. Ms. My says:

    Nice! Pool enclosures decrease algae development, reduce water and chemical evaporation, and can even save you money on electricity expenditures. Because an enclosure provides shade, your pool’s filtration and other equipment do not have to work as hard.

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