Choosing The Right Pool Liner Color For The Summer

Choosing a new pool liner can refresh your backyard and also show off your personal style. Overall, the color of your pool liner can have a greater impact than most pool owners would think. When choosing a new pool liner for the summer, it’s important to take this into consideration before ordering! Here are some factors to consider:

The Feel You’re Going For

Choosing a liner color or pattern can impact both the mood and feel of your backyard. If you’re wanting a beachy theme with an airy-feel to it, you’ll want to consider choosing one of our lighter color pool liners. A darker pool liner can give your pool a bold look and can give the effect of your pool being deeper. There’s no wrong answer in terms of choosing a LinerWorld pool liner design, but it’s important to think about the overall look and feel of your perfect backyard!

Ombre Sea Pool Liner from LinerWorld

Ombre Sea

Debris and Damage

Darker pool liners are good at hiding any debris, allowing you to not worry as much about the dirt that is in your pool since you won’t see it immediately. But dark liners are also good at hiding any imperfections or tears that might be appearing in your liner. With a lighter pool liner you’ll be able to see any damage almost immediately, but you’ll also see dirt, sticks, grass and more too. This means that you’ll be scrubbing and cleaning more often. If you’d like a pool liner that gives you a little breathing room in terms of keeping things clean, but needs a sharper eye to watch for damage, a darker liner is perfect for you! If you’d rather spend more time cleaning your pool, but have a bit more peace of mind that damage won’t be hiding until it’s too late, go with a lighter pool liner design!


Fading and Discoloration

Over time, the sun and pool chemicals will fade and discolor your pool liner. Darker liner colors will show this more readily than lighter liner options. This means that you’ll have to replace darker vinyl liners sooner since you’ll be able to see the fading  over time. Fading and discoloration does still occur on lighter liners, it will just be less noticeable once it starts. If you’re someone who loves the look of a bold liner, and you also like to change things up more regularly, a dark liner will be perfect for you! You’ll get the deep, bold look you love and be ready to change things up with a new pool liner when it starts to fade.

Stoney Creek Pool Liner from LinerWorld

Stoney Creek

Energy Savings

Darker colors will hold heat better than lighter options. This means that if you were to choose a darker vinyl pool liner, that it would keep your pool warmer than a lighter colored liner.  If you’re in a cooler climate and want naturally warmer water to dip into, a dark liner may be the right choice for you!

Thermal Black Granite Pool Liner from LinerWorld

Thermal Black Granite


At LinerWorld, we have many options for you to choose from to get the right liner for your pool. When looking at pattern options available, keep in mind the rest of your backyard so that it can blend well with the look and feel that you already have. 

Patterned pool liners are great for families since sharks, fish, mermaids (coming soon), or galaxies (coming soon) are all that your kids can talk about right now. It will make pool time fun and can seem like your family is on a deep sea adventure!

Keep an eye out for new pool liner designs that will be available in July!

Great Barrier Reef

The Right Pool Liner For Your Pool

There is no wrong answer for choosing the right liner color for your pool. It all depends on what look and feel you’re hoping to accomplish while choosing which liner matches your personal preferences and pool maintenance needs. Keep in mind that any pool liner that you order can look different depending on what is surrounding your pool and how the light will be hitting the water. Take a look at all of the liner options that we have for your pool at LinerWorld to find the right fit for you and your pool.