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What Is the Best Time of the Year to Buy A Pool Liner?

If your pool liner faced it’s fair share of wear and tear during the summer months or you’re just looking to shake things up in your backyard pool, sometimes a new liner is necessary. When that time comes, you may wonder about the best time to buy a new pool liner. The answer may surprise you. Winter is actually the perfect time to buy a liner. It may seem weird to think about a pool liner when it’s cold outside and your pool is closed for the season, but there are plenty of reasons to purchase a new pool liner during the off-season.  

  • You’ll beat the spring/summer rush. By purchasing early, there’s less of a chance that your favorite liner pattern will be out of stock or sold out for the season. That means no delays, so you can get your pool up and running ASAP next season. 
  • Score good deals. You can oftentimes score deals and take advantage of special promotions on pool liners and accessories (like pool covers, toys, and floats) during the off-season months. That will save you money and you’ll be all set on pool supplies as soon as the temperatures warm back up. 
  • Spread out expenses throughout the year. With ongoing maintenance and utility costs when using your pool during the summer, purchasing your liner during the off-season may be a financially smart idea to help distribute costs more evenly during the year and make expenses more manageable.
  • Faster Response Times for Support and Services – Pool specialists and supply companies are less inundated during the off-season, so you may get a quicker response time on any questions and have your pick of appointment times if you want to have a professional install your new liner in the spring/summer.
  • Holiday Gift Ideas – Liners and other swimming pool accessories can make great holiday gifts that your whole family will appreciate and get plenty of use out of in the summer months! 

Even though you can’t install your new liner until the weather gets a little warmer, by purchasing in the winter months, you’ll likely save time and money and be ahead of the curve once you decide to open your pool for the season.. 

You can always purchase a liner year-round, but if you’re like most swimming pool owners, the last thing you want is to spend those warm, sunny days waiting for a liner instead of enjoying the water! So what are you waiting for? Shop our selection of bold, beautiful, above ground pool liners today!

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