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Swimming Pool Storage & Organization Tips for Winter

Once the cold weather arrives, it’s time to say goodbye to your pool for a few months. It’s also time to figure out where you’re going to store all your pool equipment, toys, and accessories for the season. Don’t worry! We’re sharing our top pool storage tips that will help pool owners keep everything organized and ready to go next spring. 

Keep guides, instructions, and manuals in a binder.

We recommend investing in a three-ring binder and some clear page protectors for all instructions and manuals that come with your pool, pump, filters, and other pool accessories. That way, all the information you need is in one place, easily accessible, and protected from water damage and normal wear and tear. It also makes it easy to jot down notes and reminders all in one place. You’ll appreciate the handy binder system when it comes time to open your pool in the spring.

Have a designated area for pool equipment and accessories.

Whether it’s in your garage or in a separate shed or pool house, pool owners should have a designated area that’s only for pool stuff. That way, everything is in one place when you pull it out for the next swimming season. Being able to quickly locate and grab what you need is a real time-saver when the warm temperatures return. If everything is currently scattered among the garage, basement, and sheds, now’s your time to organize it and get it all together in one convenient location. 

Use everyday items to create handy pool toy and accessory storage.

Storing your pool toys and accessories doesn’t have to cost a fortune and there are plenty of everyday materials that come in handy. You can easily make a rack out of PVC pipes that is perfect for storing pool noodles, pool floats, and inflatables. We’ve also seen people hang up hooks and bungee cords or chains to hang up hoses and other tripping hazards. Laundry baskets and mesh totes also come in handy for storing and moving your pool toys and equipment. 

Use clear storage bins — and label them.

Another great storage idea is to invest in some clear storage bins and labels for smaller pool toys and accessories. That way, you can quickly see where things are without a lot of hassle. The plastic containers are also a little sturdier and more resistant to water and pests than cardboard boxes or other storage options. 

Get rid of anything you don’t need.

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to get rid of anything you won’t need for the next pool season. Maybe it’s a broken pool pump or filter, pool toys your kids have outgrown, or a bathing suit that doesn’t quite fit anymore. Anything you don’t get rid of now will only take up space throughout the winter and get in the way when you open your pool for the summer. 

Give everything a good cleaning & inspection before closing your pool for the winter.

Pool Scrubbing MittFrom toys and accessories to your swimming pool itself, you want to make sure everything is looking good. Take some time to clean your pool toys and let them dry before putting them away for the season. That will help you avoid mold, mildew, and bad odors next summer. You’ll also want to look for damage, rust, tears in the liner, or liner leaks before you close your pool for the season. The more time and attention you give to your pool during the winterization process, the less chance of surprises and complications in the spring. 

Make the most of the off-season!

Do you still have questions about winterizing your pool? Check out our handy swimming pool winterization guide or contact us

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