Benefits of a Beaded Pool Liner

When looking to build an above ground swimming pool, there are a wide variety of pool liners that you can choose from. Selecting which swimming pool liner to install can be a tough decision. LinerWorld wants to share some of the benefits of choosing a beaded liner for your above ground pool!

Easy to Install

Beaded swimming pool liners can be installed without the help of a professional. These liners are characterized by plastic tracking called a bead receiver that fits along the top of your pool wall. Typically, the bead receivers come in four foot sections and can accommodate any size above ground swimming pool. Once the receiver is placed along the perimeter of your pool, the beaded swimming pool liner slips or fits into the groove.  Please note, though typically easy to install, do not hesitate to contact a professional installer if you run into any problems.

Wide-Variety of Designs

Commonly, beaded swimming pool liners are available in many more patterns than the other popular choice, overlap pool liners. A common characteristic of beaded liners is the pattern across the top of the liner such as a tile or mosaic design. This gives added flair to your above ground pool and the ability to show off your style with the wide-variety of choices.

More Professional Look

Beaded pool liners are known for their clean and professional look. The bead receiver allows for no excess vinyl material to be draped over the outside edge of the pool perimeter. Once you fill your pool with water during the installation process, make sure to double-check the bead receiver to ensure the lining was not knocked loose during the filling process. This will help prevent leaks and extend the life of your swimming pool liner.

Easily Change It from an Overlap Pool Liner

An added benefit of installing a beaded pool liner is that it’s easily interchangeable from an existing overlap liner. If you chose to originally install a budget friendly overlap pool liner and are looking to upgrade your above ground swimming pool, it can be easily be converted to a beaded pool liner in a few short steps. Adding a bead receiver along the circumference of your pool will allow you to install a new pool liner type with ease.

If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your existing above ground swimming pool liner, shop the low prices and great quality at LinerWorld!

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