5 Unique Above Ground Swimming Pool Deck Ideas

Decks are a popular way to dress up the area around an above ground pool. If you have already chosen your deck materials and are looking for unique ways to dress up your deck once it’s built, take a look at these fun ideas.

Aqua luminator pool light1. Lighting that Wows

Installing lighting on or around your swimming pool deck creates a cool ambiance for any backyard style. Inexpensive pool lights are great for households that love to take a dip under the stars or have a backyard entertaining space. Try placing solar lights around the perimeter of your swimming pool deck or using rope lights or twinkle lights along the fences and trees to create a calming glow that is sure to impress!

2. Adding a Privacy Fence

If you’re looking for some added discretion or a luxurious feel, try adding a privacy fence to your above ground swimming pool deck! This provides security, separation and a sense of style! Enclosing your deck gives a cozy and private atmosphere so you can enjoy your swimming pool with friends and family.

3. Building in Steps

This idea is an added amenity for any above ground pool owner. Installing swimming pool stairs or even a pool ladder that are flush with your pool deck creates ease of use and a distinctive aesthetic appeal. For households that may have members with mobility limitations or children, this feature allows easy in and out access for any swimmer!

4. Creating a Tiki Bar

For homes that love to entertain, creating a tiki bar is the perfect addition to any outdoor space! This cool idea can be easily added to any above ground swimming pool deck and makes a fun conversation piece. Depending on your pool deck, this exciting accessory can be built from a variety of materials including wood, composite decking, stone, or pallets to match any material option!

Glimmerglass Pool Liner - LinerWorld5. Update Your Pool Liner

If you’re considering enhancing the look of your deck and swimming pool, consider a new pool liner in a vibrant color or fun patterns to complement your deck and backyard vibe!

From sharks to ombre, LinerWorld has a wide selection of fun and long-lasting liners in stock. Start creating your backyard paradise today.

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One response to “5 Unique Above Ground Swimming Pool Deck Ideas”

  1. When you mentioned having a tiki bar installed in a pool deck and how it can help people entertain guests, I thought of all the times we adults wanted to go out for drinks but felt like it was too dangerous to drink in public. A lot of us have been studying cocktail mixing in our spare time, and a place like this for our pool deck sounds like the perfect place to put those to the test. Once I find a pool deck contractor, I’ll make sure we ask them about this before we begin our project.

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