Pool Slide Safety Checklist

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), many severe pool injuries are caused by incorrect or unsafe use of pool slides and related equipment. As a result, there are mandatory safety standards for pool slides that help decrease any risk. Homeowners can also take several precautions to making sure their pool slide and surrounding environment are safe for swimmers.

Check Your Pool Slide’s Construction

While pools are required to follow certain safety standards, older or custom-built slides can pose certain dangers. Check over your equipment first before the pool season:

  • Keep your slide up to code with local ordinances and safety laws.
  • Check that the water depth is adequate for your slide. Different slides require different minimum depths, but most require at least 48” of water.
  • Pool steps should be a minimum of three inches wide with small, easy-to-grip handles.
  • Ensure any ladders and hand bars have non-slip materials to give climbers a good grip.
  • If your slide’s construction includes bolts or metal edges, make sure nothing is protruding or able to cut a slide user.

Create a Safe Environment

What is happening on and around a pool slide is just as important as the slide itself! Go through this important checklist before climbing on:

  • Sliders should check that there aren’t swimmers in the slide’s exit range to avoid collision.
  • The area around the slide should be sturdy and non-slip with excellent drainage.
  • Pool area, including the slide, should be well lit for easy visibility at night.
  • Mark water depths clearly so swimmers know what they’re sliding into.
  • Pools should be equipped with pool ladders or stairs at both ends for an easy exit.

Ensure Swimmers are Equipped

Minimizing injury risk starts with equipping your pool slide users. Teach these safety tips early:

  • Caution children and guests against running, diving and roughhousing on or near the pool.
  • Regardless of age, pool and slide users should never be alone. · Ensure swimmers are aware of the “feet first” pool slide rule.
  • If children or adults are unable to swim or not strong swimmers, provide life jackets or flotation devices when using the pool slide.

Using your pool slide can be a great experience when safety is taken care of. Check out LinerWorld’s website for more pool equipment and accessories.

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