Exercises for Your Above Ground Swimming Pool

Most people think a gym is the best place to workout, but swimming pool owners can ditch their gym memberships and use their above ground swimming pool to get fit this summer! Swimming exercises are an excellent way to build lean muscle and lose weight. Pools can also serve as a safe place for children, pregnant women, people with injuries and disabilities, and the elderly to exercise. Did you know that swimming burns between 400-700 calories per hour, according to Healthline? It’s great exercise! So, what are you waiting for? Turn your pool into a workout center for the whole family with these tips and ideas!

Warm-Up Exercises

Before jumping into your swimming pool to exercise, it’s important to warm up. Warm-up exercises help loosen tight muscles and increase flexibility. An easy way to warm up is to walk the length of your swimming pool for at least five minutes. Once you’ve properly warmed up, you can begin any of the exercises below.

Water Squats

Squats are great exercise for your thighs, abs and backside. To perform water squats, stand in your pool with your feet shoulder-width apart and place your hands on your waist. Squat down as if you were sitting in a chair. Remember to keep your back straight and flex your backside as your body rises.

Water Cycling

Water cycling is a great exercise for your abs. Start by finding a place along the side of the pool to grab onto. If you do not have a proper pool edge, you can rest your elbows on a pool noodle. Whatever your base, start with your elbows resting on the base and begin a bicycling motion with your legs in the water.

Treading Water

Instead of chatting to your friend on a pool float, try chatting while treading water. Treading water is the ultimate full-body workout. The goal is to try and stay afloat using only your arms and legs. Try not to touch the bottom of the pool!

Bicep Curls

A water-resistant bicep curl will help strengthen your arm muscles. You will need to grab a weight or dumbbell for this exercise (preferably aqua dumbbells to prevent damage to your pool and pool liner).  To perform this exercise, do a normal bicep curl in the water. Make sure to keep the full range of motion under the water to get the full effect.

Ball Cardio

If you want to burn calories and strengthen your core muscles, grab a volleyball and get into your swimming pool. Ball Cardio is simple to do. Start at one end of the pool. Place a volleyball in your hands and extend your arms out in front of you. Walk forward, moving the ball in circles simultaneously as if you were stirring a pot. Keep doing this back and forth for 1-5 minutes. Challenge yourself by jogging or running. You can add intensity by pushing the ball below the water’s surface as you walk as well.

Swimming Pool Games

Water Paddle and Ball SetIf these water exercises seem too structured, play a game catch, water basketball, or other exciting swimming pool games, like Freeze Tag, to get your heart racing. Check out our pool toys that can help make exercise in the water extra fun.

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What exercise do you recommend to do in the pool? We’d love to hear! Leave a comment below or connect with us on Facebook! As always remember to be safe and have fun while exercising in your swimming pool.

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