Weekly Pool Workout – Stay Happy & Healthy At Home

With gyms and fitness centers closed and orders to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, finding ways to stay active and healthy can be a challenge. Thankfully for pool owners, you have your own mini-gym right in your own backyard! Swimming pools are a great place for low-impact workouts that build muscle, reduce stress, and burn fat. Water aerobics classes burn up to 500 calories/hour and a simple water walking session can burn around 200 calories/hour! We’ve put together a weekly pool exercise workout routine to help keep you active and fit while you’re hunkered down at home.


Water walking

Rather than (or in addition to) taking a leisurely stroll outside, consider taking a walk in your pool. It’s low-impact but the extra resistance from the water will help strengthen your muscles. Be sure you’re focusing on straight posture and putting pressure on your heels first, rather than walking on your tiptoes. Walk for about 30 minutes.


Water cycling

Get ready for a great ab workout! Water cycling mimics the motion of riding a bike, but adds the resistance of the water. Rest your elbows along the edge of the pool or use a pool noodle, then begin a cycling motion with your legs in the water. Again, focus on good posture and keeping your balance. Try not to let your feet touch the bottom of the pool too often. Keep it going for about 30 minutes.


Water kicks

Today, we’re going to work the legs and lower region with a variety of water kicks. With these kicks, you should either hold on to the edge of the pool or use a pool noodle or kickboard.

  • Scissor kick. Open and close your legs repeatedly, like a pair of scissors.
  • Flutter kick. Extend your legs straight back and alternate moving them up and down while keeping your knees straight.
  • Dolphin kick. Keep your legs together and use your abs and hips to roll your legs up and down at the same time.
  • Frog kick. Draw your knees upward and outward so that your legs come together when fully extended.

Do 2 sets of about 3 minutes each for each kick and end with a few minutes of walking or stretching to make up a 30-minute workout.


Water martial arts

Martial arts is known to be a good workout — and you can take some of the basic moves and transition them to the pool.

To start, you’ll want to bend your knees into a squatting position and hold it so your arms are underwater. Keep your feet flat on the bottom of the pool while you’re punching.

  • Jabs
  • Punch/cross
  • Upper cuts
  • Hooks

You can see examples of each arm strike movement here!

The resistance of the water makes this a good arm workout. You can rotate through the arm exercises, doing about 5 sets of 10 of each, or until you reach about 15 minutes and have done both arms.

Once your upper half is warmed up, move on to the lower half for kicks. For this, you’ll want your legs to be submerged in the water and standing with your feet flat on the ground.

Similar to the arm exercises above, you can rotate through the leg exercises for about 15 minutes until you’ve done both legs.


Water jumping jacks and squats

Today’s routine takes two well-known exercises — jumping jacks and squats — and just places them under the resistance of the water. The water provides resistance, while also being low-impact on your muscles and joints. For both the jumping jacks and squats, you’ll want to be partially submerged in the water and focus on keeping your back straight. Do a few alternating sets of each until you reach 30 minutes. If you want to break things up, do a few minutes of water walking or water cycling in between.


Water tricep dips

It can’t be that hard to lift yourself in and out of the water, right? To do a tricep dip, simply place your palms flat on the edge of the pool, or use the pool steps, ladder, or your deck. Then, lift yourself out of the water as high as you can, straightening your arms and holding yourself up with your weight supported on your hands. Keep your elbows close to your body and hold it for a few seconds. When you come back down, avoid letting your feet touch the pool floor.

Continue to raise and lower yourself as many times as you can, both facing the pool wall and facing away from the wall. If you need a break, do a few walking laps around the pool and then continue with the tricep dips until you’ve reached about 30 minutes.


Water games/free swim.

After a week of rigorous pool exercises, why not round up the family for a little friendly competition? Whether it’s water tag, water basketball, or a variety of other water games, there’s a lot of fun you and your family can have together in the pool. Not only are these activities a great workout, but they’re also a great way for your family to connect and bond. Check out our fun favorite pool toys and games here at LinerWorld…

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Feel free to mix things up and adjust the exercises based on your skill level and physical needs. If you have specific questions about your health any of the pool exercises noted, please contact your doctor or fitness instructor.

In the meantime, the pool experts at Linerworld are here with everything you need to keep your pool safe and sanitary so you can make the best use of it during your quarantine-cation!

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