Our Favorite Swimming Pool Games

Your swimming pool can be a place of energy, fun, and laughter. LinerWorld is all about family fun in the sun, so in this article, sharing our top five favorite swimming pool games for you and your family!

Freeze Tag

The person who is “it” tries to tag everyone and “freeze them” in the pool. When frozen, players cannot move from their location. In order for someone to be unfrozen, a different player needs to swim under the frozen person’s legs. When everyone is tagged, the person who was “it” is replaced.

Sharks and Minnows

One person is the “shark” while all the others are “minnows”. The minnows must try to swim to the other end of the pool without getting caught by the shark. If a minnow gets caught, he/she becomes a shark in the exact location where they were tagged. The last person standing is the shark for the next round! Ring Toss This game is really simple and can be played with various sinkable objects such as rings or change. Simply throw the items into the water, wait until they sink and let the swimmers retrieve them. Whoever collects the most objects, wins!

Four Corners

Designate four corners of your pool with the numbers one through four. Then, choose a player to be “it” and have them stand in the middle of the pool with their eyes shut. The person in the middle counts to ten; meanwhile, everyone else is swimming to a corner of their choosing. When the ten seconds are up, the person who is “it” calls out a number between one and four. All the players standing in that number location are out. The game goes on until only one layer is left.

Basketball or Volleyball

If you are willing to spend a little extra money this summer, consider getting a swimming pool volleyball net or basketball hoop. Both sports create friendly competition in the water. You can also create your own basketball court with old laundry baskets or ice cream pails and a soft water ball. Not ready to invest in a pool volleyball net? Just grab a volleyball and have some fun! You do not need a net to bump around the volleyball with family or friends.

More Swimming Pool Games from LinerWorld

If your family wants an even more exciting swimming pool experience, check out these fun pool games and toys that swimmers of all ages are sure to love:

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Water throw & catch game (with pads and ball)

Glove and catch game

Water throw & catch game (with gloves and ball)

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Water tennis game (with paddles and balls)

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