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How to Backwash a Pool with a Cartridge Filter System

Many people have the misconception that they can backwash a cartridge swimming pool filter system, but this filter cannot backwash. The pool filter system needs to be cleaned out manually. This may be a bit more labor-intensive than other pool filters, but it is a quick process.

Step 1

Just like other pool filter systems, a cartridge filter system needs to be turned off before anything else is done.

Step 2

Next, open up the air bleeder drain on the tank. Remove the lid of the tank and then take out the cartridge.

Step 3

Hose down the cartridge thoroughly to ensure all the debris is removed. Also, inspect to see that the cartridge does not have any tears or holes in it. If it does, then another one will need to be purchased since that one is no longer good. 

Some swimming pool professionals say that soaking the cartridge filter system in a solution of TSO can improve the cleaning of the pool, but this should not be used if the pool gets sanitized with baquacil.

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