All About Sand Filter Systems for Swimming Pools

Sand Filter Systems are probably the most popular of the swimming pool filter systems available today. Sand Filter Systems can be used for any size swimming pool, but are most often utilized within larger ones. Just like it says in the name, the sand filter cleans the pool water with sand. The filtering sand sits in the filter tank and the swimming pool water flows through it. The dirt and debris in the water get trapped by the sand and stay behind while the rest of the cleaner water goes back to the swimming pool. As more pool water comes through the sand filter system, the more dirt and debris the sand will collect, so, the filter becomes more efficient as it cleans. However, when the pressure within this pool filter becomes too high, the sand system needs to be backwashed just like the DE filter system.

The sand in the tank only needs to be changed every 5 years of so. This makes sand filter systems very easy to maintain because the tank only needs to be opened when the change needs to happen. When the sand does need to be changed, the person doing that needs to be careful so they don’t crack any of the parts within the tank. A good sign that the sand might need to be replaced is if the filter needs to be backwashed more often than normal. However, if the pool is sanitized with baquacil, the sand should be changed every year to prevent any clogging of the system.

Some swimming pool owners do notice that there is sand coming into the pool, but they don’t think that it is coming from the swimmers. The most reasonable excuse for this is the filter. That means that there is a broken piece in the filter which needs to be replaced. That can be solved through taking the sand out of the tank and finding that problem. This can also happen if there is too much sand in the tank.

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