What kind of Materials can a Swimming Pool be made of?

When people are trying to choose a swimming pool for their family, there are many things to consider. First being if they want an in-ground or above ground pool. When that is decided, the size would normally be next. And finally, the decision about what kind of material the swimming pool should be made of needs to be made. This is a choice that could have many factors in the final decision. The swimming pool maintenance, the weather it will have to endure, or even the look of the swimming pool could be some of the deciding factors. Here are the main types of swimming pools that are in the market and some of their specs.

A fiberglass pool has been in the market for many decades and is fairly easy to maintain. Fiberglass swimming pools are made entirely of one sheet of fiberglass coated with a gel. The maintenance is fairly easy since these pools don’t need pool liners or resurfacing. The only thing that really needs to be monitored is the water chemistry and weekly chemical intake. If this stays level, then everything will be fine. However, if the chemicals are ignored and the water starts to get dirty, things can get messy. This kind of swimming pool should never be drained because the fiberglass shell will most likely be damaged. So, in order to prevent that from happening, keep the water in check.

The next type is the plaster/concrete swimming pool. This type of pool take a lot of effort to build and initially start, but after that, it is fairly easy to maintain. At first, there will be a bit more dust in the water due to the plaster walls, so there will be more filtering and backwashing needed. There are many different things that could cause staining of the walls, like metals or other chemical imbalances. In some cases, the plaster may need to be repaired due to chips or detachments. These swimming pools can also be customized with paint.

Another option in the swimming pool market is called pebble tec pools. They are very much like plaster pools in that they are mixed with cement and poured into swimming pool and on the walls. When the concrete dries, it is washed with an acid mix that takes off the front layer and leaves a smooth finish with the pebbles mixed in. A chemical balance needs to be maintained carefully because the colors on the wall could eventually fade or the chemicals could hurt the wall.

Another really popular type of swimming pool is made of the vinyl pool liners. These are installed in the pool on a track that runs on the inside, or it overlaps the wall for above ground pools. These swimming pool liners do tend to only last an average of 10 years because they are made of plastic. They are prone to tears, fading and other damage. Improper use with chemicals can also cause damage. If there is a small hole or tear, they can be patched when the correct glue and patch material are used. Also, the water should never be drained since the liners won’t be as resilient and tend to tear as the water is refilled.

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