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Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

Proper swimming pool maintenance is an essential part of pool ownership. If you want to keep your family safe, as well as your pool liner, pump and filter system and other accessories, then you’ll want to make sure you have a good maintenance routine in place. We recommend setting up reminders via your phone or using a handy swimming pool app to keep you organized and on track throughout the summer months. To get you started, we’ve broken down a few of the essential pool maintenance tasks you’ll want to do on a daily and weekly basis. 

Daily swimming pool maintenance tasks:

Some maintenance tasks need to be done more frequently than others. Here are things you should do daily while using your pool:

Clean and hose off deck/patio

Skim leaves and debris out of the water 

  • This task should be done as often as possible, especially if you’re not using a pool cover. Use a longleaf skimmer to gather up debris, like leaves and bugs, that make their way to the surface of the water. You want to remove them out before they sink to the bottom and cause staining or clog up your filter system. 

In ground pool pumpRun your pump 

  • You want to make sure you run your pool pump each day for long enough to make sure the water is filtered and the system is working properly. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria and algae.

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Test your pool water.

  • If your pool sees daily use, you’ll want to test the water and adjust your chemicals accordingly. Follow all manufacturer instructions and safety precautions when handling chemicals. 

Weekly pool maintenance tasks:

These tasks are important, but it’s usually ok to go a few days in between — depending how frequently you’re swimming. Pool Scrubbing Mitt

Brush/scrub pool walls

  • Debris and algae can start to build up along the walls of your pool — particularly around ladders, stairs, skimmer boxes, and other pool accessories. Use a brush to remove the dirt and debris around your pool, paying close attention to the waterline and your pool fixtures. 

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Vacuum pool

  • After you’ve skimmed the pool and scrubbed the pool walls, vacuum up all the sediment that has made its way to the bottom of your pool. Again, you want to do this frequently to avoid any staining or clogging up the filter system. 

Clean your skimmer

  • Remove any dirt and debris from the skimmer to allow it to operate at maximum efficiency and keep more debris out of your pool. While you may only need to clean it once a week, you should check the skimmer frequently — especially if you’re using your pool heavily. 

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Check your pool filter 

  • Your pool filter helps keep your water clean and sanitary, so you want to be sure you’re checking it regularly and removing any dirt and debris to prevent clogs and allow it to filter efficiently. Always follow manufacturer instructions for maintaining your filter. 

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Backwash your pool filter as needed

  • If your pool sees a lot of action throughout the summer, you’re probably going to need to backwash your filter on a weekly basis. Keep an eye on your filter gauge and backwash when you see it reading 8-10 psi higher than normal.

Test your pool water 

  • If your pool isn’t seeing regular, daily use, you may be able to get away with checking your chemicals, temperature, and water levels on a less-frequent basis, such as weekly or bi-weekly. Again, follow recommendations from the manufacturer to keep your pool and loved ones safe. 

Clean your toys and floats. 

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You can print out our handy checklist before to remind you of tasks throughout the summer. Got more questions about ongoing pool maintenance? Check out the resources below or leave us a comment. We’re always happy to help! 

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Pool Maintenance Checklist

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  1. When the seasons change, we want to get our pool checked and maintained to see if we can still use it. Checking the pumps and filters to see if everything works will be a good first step as the winter weather might cause issues with the water. I’ll do that first when I find a swimming pool repair expert in the area.

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