Swimming Pool Liner Installation Problems: Wrinkles

A common issue when installing a swimming pool liner are the unexpected wrinkles. If you are a first time pool liner installer or have done this before, there may be some installation tips that you are not aware of. Wrinkles in the swimming pool liner may even appear years after the original installation. This could be caused by age in the liner, but most likely occurs from a poor installation job. Here are some basic tips from the pool liner pros at Liner World with the steps you need to take to install a wrinkle free swimming pool liner.

  • Remove all debris from the swimming pool floor. Also make sure that the floor is compact (if there is sand) and as dry as possible.
  • When installing your pool liner, you want to remove all the wrinkles BEFORE you add in the water. You cannot depend on the water to remove all the wrinkles. Most times, it will not flatten them out.
  • You want to try to create an air-tight environment. To do this, place a vacuum hose behind the swimming pool liner in one wall section about a foot deep. Duct tape this so no air can get in or out. This will help keep the pool liner flat and even throughout filling. (A good section to do this in is through the skimmer box cut out in the pool wall. Then just duct tape that shut.) When the swimming pool reaches about a foot of filling, you can turn off the vacuum and remove the hose and resume filling.
  • If you have wrinkles in the shallow end of your swimming pool, even out the wrinkles to the nearest wall.

Remember that the best time to install a swimming pool liner is when the weather is really warm. This allows the liner to stretch more, resulting in fewer wrinkles. Always remove the wrinkles from the bottom of the swimming pool first, and then move to the ones in the wall.

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