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How to Install a Pool Liner Without Wrinkles

Updated June 26, 2023

Whether you are a first-time pool liner installer or have done this before, unexpected wrinkles are a common issue when installing a swimming pool liner

Wrinkles in the swimming pool liner may even appear years after the original installation. This could be caused by age in the liner, but most likely occurs from a poor installation job. 

Here are some basic tips from the pool liner pros at LinerWorld so you can learn how to install an above ground pool liner without wrinkles. Let’s dive in.

(Looking for more information about removing wrinkles from your pool liner? Check out this guide to learn How to Prevent and Fix Wrinkles in Your Pool Liner.) 

Remove all debris from the swimming pool floor. 

Removing debris and making sure that the floor of the swimming pool is as flat, compact (if there is sand), and dry as possible will make installing the liner so much easier. 

A flat, smooth surface also minimizes the chance that clumps, branches, and other debris will get stuck under the liner and cause wrinkles. 

Remove wrinkles before adding water

When installing your pool liner, you want to remove all the wrinkles BEFORE you start filling the pool with water. Many pool owners assume the water will push out the wrinkles, but that’s not usually the case. And once you start adding water, wrinkles become harder to remove. 

You can use your hands or feet to help slowly push wrinkles away from the center of the pool and toward the edges of the liner. Wear water shoes with soft soles to avoid causing damage to the vinyl. 

Create an air-tight environment

You want to try to create an air-tight environment to make sure no air bubbles sneak in and cause wrinkles. 

To do this, place a vacuum hose behind the swimming pool liner in one wall section about a foot deep. Duct tape this so no air can get in or out. This will help keep the pool liner flat and even while you fill the pool. 

A good section to do this in is through the skimmer box cut out in the pool wall. Then just duct tape that shut. 

When the swimming pool reaches about 12 inches of water, you can turn off the vacuum and remove the hose and resume filling.

Make sure the liner is secure

A secure liner will be less likely to stretch, slip, and cause wrinkles. 

To make sure your beaded pool liner is secure, start by confirming that the bead receiver or track is clean and free from any debris or obstructions. Insert the liner’s bead into the receiver track by applying gentle pressure and working your way around the pool. Double-check that the bead is fully seated into the track, providing a snug fit. 

For an overlap pool liner, adjust the liner so that it evenly overlaps the pool wall. Then, use coping strips or clips to secure the liner in place. 

Regularly inspect the liner for any signs of loosening or displacement.

Install your above ground liner on a warm day

The best time to install a swimming pool liner is when the weather is really warm. This allows the liner to stretch more, resulting in fewer wrinkles. Always remove the wrinkles from the bottom of the swimming pool first, and then move to the ones in the wall.

Ready to install your above ground pool liner?

We are so excited for you to enjoy the summer sun and make memories with your loved ones around the pool. If you recently got a new liner, our team is here to help make sure installation goes quickly and correctly. Check out our full pool liner installation guide and contact us with any questions. 

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