Swimming Pool Ladder Installation

Many above ground and in-ground swimming pools have steps, stairs or ladders. Although these items make access to a swimming pool easier, they can also cause some problems. Not only can these cause damage to the pool liner itself, they can be dangerous to children while swimming in the pool. Small children sometimes get stuck behind the stairs or swimming pool ladders and end up struggling to get out and many drown. In order to keep this from happening, make sure to install swimming pool ladders properly.

  • The first thing to do is to clean out the pool ladder cups that sit on the edge of the pool. This is where the ladder is connected to the deck or pool edge. Over the winter, these can build up with water and debris, so make sure that all is removed.
  • Next there is a wedge in the ladder cup that needs to be adjusted so it is clean against the cup wall. This wedge helps the ladder stay in place when it is installed.
  • Many in-ground swimming pools have cover rings that go over the ladder cups. If you have these, install them now.
  • Now install the ladder into the cups. Tighten the wedges around the ladder rail until they are tight. You may have to use a socket or open ended wrench for this.
  • Next, make sure that the ladder is safe to use before you let children on it. Walk up and down the steps to make sure that it will hold some weight.

Another tip with swimming pool ladders is to make sure that they do not rub up against the wall when you have a vinyl pool liner. This will eventually cause a tear in the liner. Install some sort of protection padding on the ladder so that it does not cause harm to the liner.

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