Protecting your Swimming Pool Liner

There are many techniques and products that will help protect your swimming pool liner these days. Here are two of the main pool liner protection products that are used when installing a new swimming pool liner.

  • When installing a vinyl swimming pool liner, a new product has been made to help protect the pool liner from rocks and other items that may cause punctures. Instead of having sand at the base of the pool, there is a swimming pool liner pad that can be installed. There are many names for this product, but the most common is called a liner guard, or a gorilla pad. Some people prefer this to the sand, but others have found that it can cause some trouble when cleaning the swimming pool.
  • Another installation tool that has been made in the last few years is called pool cove. This is like a spongy material that covers the bottom corners of the pool. Many people like this because it eliminates the cause for problems with the corners, but again, it may cause some trouble when it comes to cleaning.

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