Pinterest-Worthy + Frightfully Fun Halloween Pool Decorating Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner and we’re super excited for some spooky fun! Decorating your backyard and pool is a great way to get into the spirit of the season and make it extra fun for family and friends. Even if it isn’t quite warm enough for swimming, your pool can make for a scare-tastic backdrop for all your Halloween shenanigans. We’ve even found some fun pool floats and accessories that double as decorations. Here are some of our favorite Pinterest-inspired Halloween decoration ideas that are perfect for kids and families…

Floating lights in the pool.

Lights floating and reflecting on the water are the perfect way to set the Halloween mood in your backyard once it gets dark. Putting the lights in floating plastic pumpkins provide a festive look. If you want something a little more spooky, try using latex gloves for the appearance of floating hands. Both options are festive and cost-effective, since plastic pumpkins, glow sticks, and battery-operated lights are cheap this time of year.

Spooky friends in the pool.

For many, the pool is too cold to swim in this time of year, but that doesn’t mean some spooky friends can’t enjoy it. Grab some of your pool floats and set some skeletons afloat. Skeletons work well because they’re easy to pose and usually plastic, which makes them easy to dry off afterward. But you can also try scarecrows, witches, and werewolves if you don’t mind the clothes and stuffing getting a little bit wet.

Foggy atmosphere.

Fog machines and dry ice are a great way to create a haunted and dreary atmosphere around your yard that’s perfect for Halloween. Kids will love it, especially when paired with some spooky sound effects like wind, moans, howls, and more. These materials can be dangerous, so be sure to follow all safety instructions and make sure an adult is supervising at all times to avoid injuries.

Note: While it looks cool in pictures, we recommend keeping dry ice and fog machines out of your pool to avoid damaging your pool liner or causing injury. Stick to using it on dry land where it can be contained and monitored.

Pool noodle decorations.

If you’re a DIY person, pool noodles are your best friend during the Halloween season. They make very versatile and cheap Halloween decorations that are perfect around the pool. Pool noodle Halloween decor is only limited by your imagination…

Use them to create witches’ legs, which look great against walls, bushes, and planters.

With a little glue and decorations, they can also make fun Halloween wreaths for the door.

Or use them to help create spooky creatures around the yard, like sea monsters, spiders, and snakes.

They also make great makeshift trees, arches, and jail cells.


If you are in a climate where it’s still warm enough to swim this time of year, then, of course, you have to have some towels to use. You can find towels that are orange, black, or fun Halloween-themed designs that fit your Halloween decor. For something really eerie, find or make some towels to look like they’ve been stained with blood.

Even if you don’t actually plan to swim this fall due to cold weather or because it’s after dark, you can get crafty and use white towels and googly eyes to create some fun ghosts and mummies for display around the yard.

When it comes to decorating your backyard and pool for Halloween, the possibilities are endless! Check out our Pinterest page for plenty of frightfully-fun Halloween ideas and inspiration!

Happy Halloween!

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