How to choose a replacement pool liner

Finding the right replacement liner option for your pool can be stressful and overwhelming. It can be especially challenging if you’ve never had to replace your liner before and not sure which size or type of liner would be best for your pool. 

With inventory being in such high demand this year, we don’t want you to worry about picking the right replacement liner. We want the process to be easy and efficient so that it fits your pool and your style!

With that in mind, let’s walk through how to choose a vinyl pool liner.

1. Measure your pool

Before you start choosing your pool liner replacement, it’s important that you take the time to properly measure your pool. 

As your pool ages, it likely won’t be the same measurement that you initially thought it was due to sagging or bowed walls. You can’t rely on receipts or documents from the previous pool owner or the original paperwork from your current liner.

By taking the time to measure your pool, you will be able to increase the longevity of your new liner and save time and money in the future. 

To start measuring your pool, you’ll want to use a tape measure from inside to inside of the pool wall. You’ll also want to think of your pool as a clock, measuring from 12 to 6 and 9 to 3.

Graphic showing how to measure your rectangular pool, circular pool, or oval-shaped pool. Think of the pool like a clock and measure from 12 to 6 and from 9-3.

In order to avoid any measurement issues, you’ll want to measure twice – once at the bottom of the wall and once at the top. If these measurements aren’t adding up, you may also want to measure from the center of your pool wall as well. 

Next up, measure the depth of your pool. Use your tape measure to measure from the deepest point of your pool floor to the top inside edge of your pool wall.

Graphic showing how to measure the depth of your swimming pool. You go from the top edge of the pool down to the deepest point.

Measuring is much easier with the help of a family member or friend, so make sure that you have someone with you during this process!

Please note: The above highlights measuring the most common pool shapes. Pools with unique shapes, extra features, bowed walls, or other irregularities may require a more complex measuring process or even a custom pool liner. Contact an expert to discuss the specifics of your pool before purchasing.

We proudly offer replacement above ground pool liners for the following above ground pool shapes and sizes:

2. Determine if You Need a Beaded, Overlap Or Expandable Liner

Next up, you have to figure out exactly what type of liner you need. 

Overlap Pool Liners

Graphic showing overlap liner going over the pool wall near the pool rail.

Overlap liners wrap around the top of the pool and have plastic strips (called coping) that rest on the top. 

Overlap liners are installed by removing the top rail of your swimming pool and draping the liner over the wall. Once the liner is in place, the extra liner can be cut away using scissors.

To know if an overlap liner is right for your pool, you should be able to see some liner hanging out of the pool top rail.

Beaded Pool Liners

Graphic showing beaded liner attaching into a bead receiver near the top of the pool rail.

Beaded liners hook into the track along the edge of the pool wall, which is called a bead receiver. As the liner is being installed, the groove on the top of the liner will snap into place along the track.

To know if your pool requires a beaded liner, you’ll want to check under the pool top rail for a bead receiver.

Expandable Pool Liners

If your pool has a deep end, you may need an expandable liner to make sure it can fit appropriately. 

At LinerWorld, we offer expandable pool liners to fit up to 72” in depth (designed to stretch for pools with a deep end or dug out center over 54″ and up to 72″).

3. Use LinerWorld’s Liner Selector Tool

Our Pool Liner Selector makes it fun and easy for you to choose the right liner replacement for your above ground pool. 

If you follow the steps above, you’ll know exactly what shape, measurements, type of liner is right for your pool.

By answering the three questions, our handy selector tool will showcase what designs, patterns, and colors are available in your liner size and type. 

Screenshot of Linerworld's pool liner selector tool. It asks about size, install type, and design.

4. Choose a liner pattern

After narrowing down your options, you’ll see available liners. From classic blues and tile patterns to unique mermaid and sharks designs, we have some of the trendiest liner colors and designs of 2023 in stock.  

When it comes to vinyl liner patterns and colors, there’s always some questions about dark vs. light liners. Both have pros and cons. For example, fading from UV rays tends to be more noticeable on dark liners, and patterns can hide scuffs and dirt a little easier. 

It really comes down to personal taste and what fits your pool and backyard vibe.

How much is a replacement pool liner?

Great question. The cost of a replacement pool liner varies depending on size, pattern, and other factors. At Linerworld, the majority of our vinyl above ground pool liners range from about $300-$1,000.

Get support when choosing a replacement liner

Choosing the right type of pool liner can be challenging. At LinerWorld, we are here to support you every step of the way. 

Our ordering process is easy and interactive! We have a live chat feature available on the website and our customer service team is on-hand to help you make the right selection. 

We also pride ourselves on our fast and free shipping. Orders placed by 3 PM (CST) typically ship the same day and most customers receive their orders within 1-3 business days.

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