Dark or Light Pool Liners — Which Should I Choose?

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Your pool liner is a great way to have some fun and show off your personal style! When customers come to us for new pool liners, they often ask whether they should opt for a darker colored liner or a light one. Great question! The color actually impacts a lot more than many pool owners think. When that discussion comes up, we generally urge our customers to consider the following factors:


It’s well known that colors can have an impact on mood, emotions, and the overall look or feel of a space. Your pool liner is no different. A light pool liner is going to give a light, airy feel — kind of like a beach or tropical vibe. Dark-colored liners, on the other hand, can give your pool a rich, bold look and make your pool seem deeper.

Debris & Damage

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As you might expect, dark liners — especially if they are patterned — are good at hiding dirt and debris. A darker pool liner also hides imperfections, like scratches and stains and making them less noticeable.  On the flip side, leaves, twigs, and other debris will likely be more noticeable against a light-colored liner and require more cleaning and scrubbing.

Fading & Discoloration

The sun and chemical usage are always going to take a toll on your pool liner. With bolder colors, you may see a more noticeable discoloration from sunlight and chemicals over time on darker liners and have to replace the liner sooner. The fading on light liners may be less noticeable.

Energy Savings

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Naturally, a dark pool liner is going to absorb and hold heat, much like when you wear dark clothing during the summertime. Overall, that can save you on utility costs and keep your pool warmer throughout the swimming season.


Picking a pattern is all about the look you want your pool and backyard to have. The pattern can be bright, bold, and eye-catching to make your pool stand out. A more natural-looking, subdued pattern can help your pool better

blend in with the surroundings. When looking at patterns, keep in mind your deck, patio, landscaping, and other backyard decor that you may be trying to match, and the overall aesthetic of your home.

Other Factors

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Black Granite

Keep in mind that your yard and external elements will also impact the color of your liner once it’s in your pool. For example, shade and reflections from trees, shrubs, buildings, and fencing surrounding your pool can make the water (and the liner itself) appear darker than it originally did. The sky, sunlight, and surrounding foliage can also impact the appearance of color and brightness of your liner and add a blue, green, or grayish tint. Your liner may also look slightly darker in the deeper areas of your pool due to how light travels through water.

What’s the best liner option for my pool?

As noted above, there are pros and cons to both light and dark pool liners. There’s really no right or wrong answer here. By weighing the above factors and your family’s needs and personal preferences, you really can’t go wrong. If you’re in the market for a new above ground pool liner, we’ve got some vibrant dark and colorful light options to choose from…

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PS: Want more tips? Check out our guide for choosing the perfect pool liner.

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  1. William Li says:

    We need a rectangle (13’x14′) piece liner with any pattern for long-life outdoor balcony. Do you have this? What is the cost? What is its life?

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