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What Sizes Do Pool Liners Come In?

Pool liners come in many different sizes and shapes that will best fit your pool. At LinerWorld, we carry above ground pool liners in three different shapes: round pool liners, oval pool liners, and rectangle pool liners, so that you can find a heavy-duty vinyl pool liner that is the right fit for your above ground pool. There are also pools that come in other shapes and sizes that aren’t always available on-order. These types of pools are in need of our custom pool liners, where we can make sure the fit of the liner will ensure longevity for your backyard oasis!

When looking to order your above ground pool liner replacement, you’ll want to carefully measure your pool at the top, base, and also middle of the pool just to be sure that you will be placing an order for the correct size. Have a friend or family member on stand-by to help!

Above Ground Pool Liner Replacements – Shop by Size

Round Pool Liners

Round pools are a very popular shape for above ground pools. Because of that, our round pool liners are some of our best-sellers and come in the most sizes available for you. round above ground swimming pool liners available from LinerWorld

Oval Pool Liners

We have nine options for you to choose from when ordering the right pool liner size for your oval pool.  Any of these sizes will allow you to choose a pattern that will be the envy of your next pool party!Shop for Oval Above Ground Pool Liners from LinerWorld

Rectangle Pool Liners

We have four pool liner size options for homeowners with rectangle above ground swimming pools!  Find the right install type and your favorite pool liner pattern and upgrade your rectangle pool today! Shop for rectangle above ground pool liner replacements from LinerWorld

Custom Sized Pool Liners

If your pool is not lining up with any of the sizes or shapes that we listed above, it’s likely that you’ll need a custom liner for your pool. We offer custom pool liners that you can get started ordering by going to the Custom Order page on our website.

Our pool liner selector can help you to choose which size, style, and pattern will best suit your needs when shopping for a new liner. You’ll also be able to see how the pattern that you chose for your pool will look in the shape that you have.

Again, make sure that you thoroughly are measuring your pool to make sure that you are ordering the correct size. The last thing that you want is to be excited for your new liner to arrive and it doesn’t fit. We cover how to properly measure your pool for a liner if you need help!

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