Get Ready for Summer With The Latest Must-Have Pool Liners from LinerWorld

It’s almost summer — which means it’s almost swimming pool season! We’re already looking forward to warm, sunny days by the pool and splashing around with family and friends. Before the pool season really takes off, we wanted to showcase some of the latest pool trends and show off our must-have vinyl pool liners. We recently added some new liners to our inventory that we know you’re going to love…

Fun Colors

Simple, bold colors are all the rage this summer season! If you’re not crazy about patterns, you can’t go wrong with just a single-colored pool liner. Check out these simple, bright, and eye-catching pool liners that definitely make a statement and add a pop of color to your backyard!

Cabana Boy Pool Liner

Cabana Boy 

Crystal Blue Pool Liner

Crystal Blue

Pool Party Pink Liner

Pool Party Pink

Thermal Black Pool Liner

Thermal Black Granite

Ombre Sea Pool Liner Pattern

Ombre Sea

Underwater Adventure

Ever wanted to swim with sharks or explore the magnificent Great Barrier Reef? You can explore the depths of the sea right from the comfort of your own pool with these exotic and colorful pool liners! No summer vacation necessary! These unique designs step away from the common tile patterns and simple blue hues to add a little bit of underwater adventure to your pool. 

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef

Shark Nation Pool Liner

Shark Nation

Natural Stone

There’s nothing like relaxing on the beach or strolling alongside a bubbling creek. If you’re looking for a more natural vibe for your backyard, a pool liner inspired by the smooth stones and pebbles you find in lakes, creeks, and lagoons is perfect for you. These natural-looking, stylish, and calming vinyl pool liner designs perfectly complement the trees, shrubs, flowers, and other natural elements of your backyard, while adding a touch of color and style to your pool.

Stoney Creek Pool Liner

Stoney Creek

Bluerock Lagoon Pool Liner

Bluerock Lagoon


We couldn’t talk trendy and unique pool liners without highlighting our Glimmerglass and Royale Abyss liners. There’s a reason both of these liners are consistently top sellers here at LinerWorld. Customers have noted they love the bright colors and unique patterns that give their pool and backyard a little extra boost.

Glimmerglass Pool Liner - LinerWorld



Royal Abyss Pool Liner - LinerWorld

Royale Abyss


What style is right for you?

From fun colors to unique patterns and designs, LinerWorld has the perfect pool liner for your above ground swimming pool. Check out our full selection of high-quality and affordable pool liners & get ready for summer fun…

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