LinerWorld Announces New Website — Just in Time for the Upcoming Swimming Season

If you’ve been following along with LinerWorld, you may notice things look a little different around here. We recently launched our brand new website — just in time for the summer pool season! The website may look different, but we still have the same great products and prices that we’re known for. Whether you’re an existing customer or you’re new to the LinerWorld family, we’re excited to have you here! We just wanted to take a few minutes to share what’s new and give you a little introduction. Let’s dive in! 

Bold New Look

The biggest change you may notice on the site (and across other platforms) is our new logo and colors! Overall, things are bolder, brighter, and a whole lot more fun — just like our pool liners! Our customers, our team, and our swimming pool products are stylish, fun, and family-friendly, and we wanted a site that reflects that. Our old logo and branding served us well, but it was time for an update! 

Quick & Easy Shopping Experience

One of the most important things we wanted to address with our new site was the challenges our customers had while trying to find and buy our products. We want you to spend less time shopping and more time actually enjoying your pool! Now it’s easier than ever to shop for the perfect pool liner, filters, covers, and other pool accessories on our website. 

  • Our full selection of vinyl pool liners are now easily organized by shape, size, and design. This makes it quick and efficient to find the right option for your pool.
  • Our “Quick Buy” option also lets you easily add our pool products to your cart with a simple click of a button. 
  • Need help finding a product? Our “Search our store” option at the top of the site allows you to quickly search for products by keywords.  
  • We updated a lot of our products with fresh, new images and descriptions to help give you a better idea of what you’re buying before you buy it.  
  • Got questions along the way? Check out our revamped FAQs or reach out via our handy chat feature! 

Exciting New Products for Your Pool

Along with the new site and branding comes some new pool liners and products that we’re really excited about! As you start preparing for the busy summer pool season, we just wanted to take a second to point out what’s new. 

In addition to old favorites like our Glimmerglass and Shark Nation liners, we’ve also added some new pool liners to our inventory, including our Cabana Boy, Ombre Sea, Pool Party Pink, and Thermal Black Granite pool liners. 

Ombre Sea Pool Liner Pattern

Ombre Sea Pool Liner

It also just wouldn’t be summer fun without some exciting new pool floats. We’ve expanded our pool floats and games to include our Swan float, Unicorn float, Easy Couch and our Giant Unicorn boat

Giant Unicorn Boat

Giant Unicorn Boat

Give the website a gander for some other exciting new products — all at the low, great prices you expect from LinerWorld. Now’s the perfect time to shop before the summer pool season really takes off!

What do you think?

Got comments? Questions? Ideas? We’d love to hear your thoughts about the new website and our new products! Leave a comment below or connect with us on Facebook to let us know what you think! 

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