Do You Need a Winter Pool Pillow?

At LinerWorld, we strongly recommend above ground pool owners use an air pillow under their winter pool cover. While they’re not 100% necessary, winter pool pillows have two main benefits for pool owners. We’ll dive into the benefits below to help you better understand air pillows and the positive impact they have during the winter months.  

1. Protect Your Above Ground Pool From Expanding Ice

This is the most important reason to use an air pillow in your above ground swimming pool, especially if you live in an area where temperatures get below freezing. When you opt not to use one, the pool cover sits right on top of the water. When that’s the case, ice will expand outward, which can put a lot of pressure on your vinyl pool liner and your pool wall. In extreme cases, it may damage your pool beyond repair.

When a winter air pillow is properly in place toward the center of the pool, it holds the cover slightly off the surface of the water. As the water freezes and expands, the pressure is then exerted inward on to the pillow, rather than on the liner or the wall. For this reason, you may hear winter pool pillows referred to as “ice compensators,” since that’s really the goal.

2. Even Water Weight Distribution

Secondly, the debris and water from winter precipitation tend to collect right in the center of the pool when you don’t use an air pillow. All that water in one spot can weigh down and tear your winter cover. Generally not the end of the world, but certainly makes it messier and more complicated when it comes time to open your pool.  

A winter pool pillow will help distribute the water more evenly, putting less pressure on one specific area of your cover and making it easier to pump out when you open your pool in the summer.

While it may be tempting to use something you already have on hand, like an exercise ball, to help distribute the water, that won’t work the same as a specially-designed air pillow.

Happy Pool Closing!

So there you have it.  Winter pool pillows aren’t that expensive and may end up saving you time and major repair costs down the road.

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