5 Pool Liner Designs You’ll Love

If it’s time to replace your pool liner or you’re simply looking to add a splash of fun to your backyard, you’ve come to the right place. At LinerWorld, we’re all about swimming pool liners with bright colors, beautiful patterns, and trend-setting designs that show off your unique style and personality. Take a look at some of these attention-grabbing liners that can help take your pool from drab to fab.

1. Great Barrier Reef

I’m sure we’d all love to travel to Australia and explore the Great Barrier Reef in person, but for some of us, that isn’t a feasible option. This pool liner pattern lets you explore all the underwater magic from the comfort of your own backyard. Your kids will love the bright colors and getting up close and personal with the lifelike fish and sea turtles.

Barrier Reef Vinyl Liner

2. Shark Nation

Cue the Jaws theme and prepare to swim for your life… just kidding! If you and your family love sharks as much as we do, you’ll love this pool liner that lets you swim alongside some of the coolest fish in the sea … without any of the danger. It’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Shark Vinyl Liner

3. Stoney Creek

If a bit of a natural look is more your style, you may like this beautiful stone pattern. You’ll feel like you’re relaxing near a wooded stream, rather than in your backyard. The pebble design will definitely add an interesting dimension to your pool. In fact, the design is printed on both sides, giving this pool liner a unique 3D effect that’s sure to stand out.

4. Glimmerglass

This Glimmerglass liner is a best-seller! It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking to add a little bit of sparkle to your backyard. You’ll love how the vibrant colors glimmer and shine with the water and sunlight. This unique liner is just the right mix of flashy and elegant to help make your pool the centerpiece of your yard. 

Glimmerglass Vinyl Liner

5. Tahoe Valley

If you’d like something a little more subtle and simple, you may want to try the Tahoe Valley liner. The natural look of the stone will look great along the edge of the pool, and it will pair nicely with your patio, deck, or landscaping without being overpowering.

Fieldstone Vinyl Liner

Pool liners come in a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and sizes to meet your needs. If you’re ready to find the perfect liner for you and your family, check out all of our high-quality and stylish above ground pool liners.  

Pool Liner Patterns

4 responses to “5 Pool Liner Designs You’ll Love”

  1. Deborah says:

    Are these for above ground pools only or you have them from in ground as well I love the fish one and the shark one but having a hard time finding for my inground pool

    • Pool Guru says:

      Hi, Deborah!

      Our pool liners are only for above-ground pools but we appreciate the kind words on our designs!

  2. Tony says:

    Do you ship to Hamilton Ontario canada

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