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3 Easy Ways to Keep Bees, Wasps, and Hornets Away from Your Swimming Pool

Your backyard is home to more than just your swimming pool. From birds to furry critters, the possibilities are endless. As a pool owner, you may have noticed that your water attracts different types of insects, including bees, hornets, and wasps. These insects are naturally drawn to big, open sources of water to drink from. Bees, wasps, and hornets have a hyperactive sense of smell and are commonly attracted to bodies of water that have strong odors, like a swimming pool. The chlorine or saltwater system used to sanitize your pool emits a strong odor that insects are attracted to when they need to cool down their hives in the summer season. If your swimming pool attracts pesky bees, wasps, or hornets, help protect your swimmers from stings with these three easy ways to keep them away from your water!

Spray with Dish Soap

Using a spray bottle with a water and dish soap mixture is an effective method of keeping bees and wasps away from your pool if they visit very sporadically and in small quantities. Dish soap will break down the insects’ outer layer, which protects them from substances like water, allowing it to absorb into their bodies. These stinging pests will get water-logged and die off.

Tip: Spraying bees and wasps with dish soap does not instantaneously make them go away. Once the soapy mixture hits their bodies, they can become irritated and try to sting. It’s important to exercise caution every time you spray them and make sure you cover your skin with long pieces of clothing!

Lure the Insects Away with Diesel Fuel

We bet you didn’t know that wasps are attracted to diesel fuel! This method for keeping these insects away from your swimming pool should be used for households that have teenage and adult swimmers because the diesel fuel will be sitting out around your backyard. Luring them away with fuel is ideal for backyards that see large quantities of wasps around their swimming pool. Take one to two buckets and fill them with enough diesel so that the wasps will become submerged once they land in the liquid. Their strong attraction to this substance will pull them away from your swimming area!

Capture Them with Plants

Bees and wasps are naturally drawn to your backyard landscaping, so using a plant that will trap them is a great way to keep these insects out of your pool. Pitcher plants, the largest group of carnivorous vegetation, are an effective way to lure bees and wasps away from swimmers. Pitchers are tubular in appearance and use a combination of color, nectar, and fragrance to attract bees and other insects onto their slippery skin, causing them to fall down the tube and then digesting them. Planting or potting pitcher plants around your swimming area will keep them away from the water!

If you’re planting pitchers around your swimming pool, make sure they are planted in direct sunlight and watered frequently.

There is no easier way to ruin a pool party or family staycation in the backyard than being bothered by buzzing insects. Help keep your swimmers safe and your pool area an oasis by using pitcher plants, dish soap, and diesel fuel to make these pesky insects stay away.

If you’ve got more questions about keeping bees, wasps, and other pests away from your pool, be sure to leave us a comment and check out the resources below! Also, be sure to check out our selection of pool covers, which come in handy for keeping all types of unwanted visitors out of your pool — including bees and other flying insects!

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