4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Pool’s Cartridge Filter

Pool cartridge filters are a popular, low-maintenance system for pool owners to keep things clean. With several different types, there is flexibility when choosing your ideal system, each requiring periodic maintenance and cleaning. But how do you know when it’s time to replace your cartridge filter? Below are signs to look out for:

Frequently Dirty Pool

One easy way to determine if it’s time to replace your pool’s cartridge filter is by noticing when your pool doesn’t seem as clean as it used to be. If the water color, smell or appearance seems consistently off, there’s likely an issue with your filter that needs to be addressed.

General Wear and Tear

While it’s normal for your filter cartridge to experience wear and tear over time, there is a certain point where the filter components are too worn to do their job properly. Below are a couple of indicators that your cartridge filter is near the end of its life:

  • Flattened pleats – Pleats refer to the cartridge ridges that trap debris and particles traveling through the filter. When peats appear flattened or misshapen (they should normally look like a side view of book), this means that they are not working effectively.
  • Frayed fabric – Frayed fabric is another indicator of heavy use, and can be caused by rough particles damaging the filter pleats when passing through.
  • Noticeable holes or tears – If inspecting your cartridge filter reveals holes, rips or other noticeable damage, then it is time to replace the cartridge. Cleaning will not fix the problem, as particles now have a way of passing straight through the filter.

Broken Cartridge Bands

Cartridge bands are what contain the cartridge elements and prevent the pleats from succumbing to pressure. While there are several bands surrounding the cartridge, just one broken band can affect the rest of the unit.

Broken Endcaps

Endcaps are the elements of the filter unit on each end of the cartridge that assist with keeping the cartridge intact. Although it’s rare, overtime these can become weak due to the pressure it undergoes and the constant contact with pool water chemicals. Weakness results in cracked or broken endcaps, which need to be replaced as they can wear out the rest of the unit rather quickly.

Regularly cleaning and replacing your pool’s cartridge filter is important to keeping things looking great and ensuring your pool occupants stay healthy. Shop for filters & pumps at LinerWorld for quality products and affordable prices.

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