Tools & Accessories to Help You Be Safe In The Pool This Summer

Water safety is always important and now is a great time to evaluate your family’s swimming pool safety practices. National Water Safety Month may be celebrated in May, but water safety is important all year round! As you prepare for the start of another swimming season, please take the time to read about a few pool barriers, tools, and accessories that can improve pool safety.

Pool safety covers

A safety cover can be a very effective barrier when the pool is unoccupied. Safety covers prevent accidental submersion and protection for your family, friends, neighbors, and pets!

Pool Fences

A closeable, non-climbable fence can blockade any curious child or pet’s unsupervised access to the swimming pool.

Pool Stairs

Sturdy pool stairs provide a safe entrance and exit into the pool and generally have handrails for improved balance and safety as you enter the water.

Pool Floats

Pool floats and loungers can be used in swimming emergencies or provide extra support for those who are still learning to swim. Keep in mind, pool floats should not take the place of standard rescue equipment or supervision. However, they can help if a swimming emergency arises and rescue equipment is not readily available. Not to mention they’re just plain fun to have around.

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Pool Lighting

Aqua luminator pool lightProper pool ighting is also an important safety measure. If guests are swimming at night, pool lighting can activate and shine under the water to highlight access points and provide better visibility in case of emergencies.

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More safety tips

These are only a few simple water safety tools and accessories you should consider when opening up your swimming pool. In addition to physical barriers, equipment, and accessories, specific swimming skills and training will strengthen pool safety at your home. No matter what month it is, water safety is important.

Read our full swimming pool safety guide for more water safety tips and leave us a comment below to let us know what you’re doing to stay safe in the pool this summer!

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