Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners

The age of technology has hit the swimming pool industry. Instead of having manual vacuum cleaners for the pool, automatic or robotic pool cleaners are now on the market. The choice of going from a manual to an automatic system however is a bit more complex than a regular vacuuming unit for the house. These swimming pool vacuums need to be researched to make sure that the particular system will work for your pool, and to ensure that the cleaner won’t damage the type of swimming pool you own, pool liner included.

There are a number of swimming pool vacuum units have been developed throughout the last couple of years that perform different tasks and that are for certain types of pools. Here are some of the main types of cleaners out in pools stores today.

Robotic Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners – These swimming pool cleaners are controlled through a motor in the unit. They are electrically charged machines that can be charged through a regular extension cord. They ‘crawl’ around the swimming pool detecting debris and sucking it up through its own pump and disposes it through its own bag. Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaners have a computer like system that will detect if something is wrong while cleaning, like if the bag is full, it will put a light on to alarm the swimming pool owner. They also have remotes that will allow people to navigate the unit as well.

Automatic Pressure – Side Swimming Pool Cleaners – This unit runs off the pressure coming from the pool filter system. This pressure drives the cleaner to move and find the debris. The swimming pool vacuum also has a bag to collect the leaves and such. This is a great idea in regards to the swimming pool filter. The debris does not through your pool’s filter system, so the filter can continue cleaning when the vacuum is working.

Automatic Suction – Side Pool Cleaners – This system actually sucks water into the device, then through the swimming pool filter system to clean the debris out of your swimming pool. This then allows more water to go through the filter to be cleaned. This system also scrubs the walls as it moves throughout the pool.

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