How do you Fix Floating Pool Liners?

Fixing a floating pool liner can be tricky because the success of the swimming pool repair project may not be worth the return. The only way to fix a pool liner that is floating is to drain the water out of your swimming pool. However a catch 22 arises that must be addressed.

If you are about to drain the water out of your swimming pool, it is very important for you to make sure that the water tables outside of the pool are below the level of the bottom of your swimming pool. The easiest way for you to do this is to wait until the rainy season is gone and the surrounding dirt in your yard is bone dry. If you do not make sure the dirt or backfill next to your swimming pool is bone dry, you run the risk of your pool caving in due to the heavy wet backfill on the outside of the pool.

After draining the water, it is important for you to push all of the wrinkles towards the outer perimeter of the swimming pool. This can be accomplished by using the strength of your hands and fingertips. When all of the wrinkles have been eliminated, you can fill the water back up.

Performing this swimming pool repair service may cause the pool liner to develop other problems. Tears, rips, or pool liner failures may be the result of attempting this kind of swimming pool repair. Therefore, sometimes the best advice is to just leave it alone and see if the liner will naturally go back to its original level when the earth dries significantly. Even if a couple of small wrinkles occur after the liner comes back to its original spot, it is probably better than creating liner failure and big bucks to replace. One last point, if you leave the floating liner alone, try to be careful not to catch it with a sharp edge of your pool vacuum or other pool equipment.

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