What Kind Of Damage Can Wind Cause To An Above Ground Pool?

Damage can come in many forms: wind, storm, winter, accidental and purposely done. About 80% of damage comes from an uncontrollable source: MOTHER NATURE! This includes sources like winter, storm and wind.

High winds or wind damage can brutally mess up an above ground swimming pool if precautions are not taken as soon as possible and if the swimming pool has not been winterized or maintenance properly.

Some damages may include, but are not limited to:

  • Indentations to the pool wall or shifting of the pool structure.
  • Debris and waste blown towards or into the pool and pool structure.

It’s completely understandable that as a human being we have no control over Mother Nature. But we can sure try hard as heck to prevent her from completely ruining our investments.

Here are a few helpful hints and tips:

  • At the time of installing an above ground swimming pool, make sure that the structure is sturdy and strong.
  • Winterize your pool correctly.
  • Cover your pool.
  • Make sure the cover is secure and add any extra security such as winter water bags for additional support.

6 responses to “What Kind Of Damage Can Wind Cause To An Above Ground Pool?”

  1. Robert J Beck says:

    I have a steel frame oval pool that is currently empty of water because were in the process of liner install. Expecting a storm with high winds 30 to 60. Should i be worried

    • Pool Guru says:

      Hi, Robert: We do not recommend ever leaving a pool empty or without a liner and water. We recommend removing & replacing your liner the same day to avoid any damage to your pools structure due to the pool not having a liner & water to hold your pool together.

  2. S says:

    Our above ground pool totally collapsed in Hurricane Zeta. Could you confirm that high winds are the most likely cause?

    • Pool Guru says:

      Hi there! Thanks for reaching out. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and we are sorry to hear about your pool! Without knowing many details or seeing images, it does seem likely that it was the high winds that caused the collapse. If you’d like to discuss specifics, please email us at Thanks!

  3. Ben says:

    We have an intex 16x32x52 I drained in for the winter and wind blown it into our fence. Everything seems to be in good shape expect for one of the main rails has a bend in it. Is it still safe to use or is the whole pool totaled because of it?

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