What Happens If My Pool Wall Becomes Indented?

If your swimming pool wall becomes indented, the solution(s) are easy:

  • If your water is currently less than a foot, fill the swimming pool up to approximately 14”, or at least to the bottom part of the lowest return in your pool, during the closing season.
  • If a puncture has occurred in the pool wall by accident, contact your local swimming pool installer and explain the situation to them and see how soon they can come out and help you fix the problem.
  • If a puncture or indentation has occurred in your swimming pool wall on purpose as a result of vandalism, contact the person who did the vandalism, if you know who it is, and make them aware of the damage they have caused. Make a report. Call your swimming pool insurance company. Ask them to come out and review and consult the damage to the pool. Contact your local pool installer for a quote and schedule an appointment for them to come out and fix the swimming pool.

2 responses to “What Happens If My Pool Wall Becomes Indented?”

  1. Deutra Monda says:

    After closing my pool I discovered it has a leak. it lowered to about a foot of water in it. I’ve noticed some bulking in 3 walls today. since there is a leak filling it is not the best option what do you suggest?

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