What is a Pool Return Jet?

Updated on 4/5/23.

Return Jet Fitting

A pool return jet is a component of a swimming pool’s circulation system that helps to ensure proper water circulation and filtration. These jets are typically located on the walls of the pool and are responsible for returning the filtered and treated water back into the pool. 

Without proper water circulation, pool water can become cloudy, algae can form, and bacteria can grow, making the pool unsafe for swimming. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the pool return jets are functioning correctly and are properly maintained to ensure efficient and effective water circulation.

It is recommended to replace the pool return jet any time it leaks or any time that you are replacing an above ground pool liner.

Why Do You Need a Pool Return Jet?

A pool return jet is a crucial component of a swimming pool system that plays a vital role in pool circulation and water filtration.

Without a return jet, the water in the pool would become stagnant, leading to the growth of bacteria and algae that can pose health risks to swimmers. 

By circulating the water in the pool, the return jet ensures that it is filtered and sanitized, keeping it clean and safe for swimming. 

Additionally, the pool return jet helps evenly distribute chemicals like chlorine and pH balancers throughout the pool, preventing buildup in one area and ensuring the water is properly balanced. 

Essentially, a pool return jet helps to promote optimal water circulation, filtration, and sanitation to ensure everyone enjoys a safe swimming experience.

How to Improve Circulation with Pool Return Jets

To improve pool circulation with pool return jets, it is necessary to adjust the flow of water through the jets.

The direction and velocity of the water flow can be adjusted by turning the jets in different directions or changing the speed of the pump that powers the filtration system.

Additionally, adding more return jets to the pool can increase circulation by creating more entry points for water to flow back into the pool.

Another way to improve pool circulation with pool return jets is strategically positioning them around the pool. 

Placing the jets in areas where the water tends to stagnate, such as corners and dead zones, can help to circulate the water more effectively. 

It is also important to ensure that the jets are not obstructed by pool toys, furniture, or other objects, as this can impede water flow.

Regular maintenance of the pool filtration system and cleaning of the pool itself can also improve circulation.

A clogged or dirty filter can reduce the flow of water through the pool return jets, while a dirty pool can create obstacles that impede the flow of water throughout the pool.

How Much Does a Pool Return Jet Cost?

The cost of a pool return jet can vary depending on the type, brand, and size required. On average, a basic pool return jet can cost between $15 and $30, but more advanced models with added features can go up to $100 or more.

The price can also vary depending on whether the pool jet is purchased individually or as part of a kit. Additionally, installation costs should be considered when budgeting for a pool return jet.

Lucky for you, LinerWorld offers pool return jet fittings that fit all standard above ground pool return jets. 

We also have the Widemouth Deluxe Skimmer Box & Return Kit and the Square Deluxe Skimmer Box & Return Kit, which both include a return jet fitting.

Maintenance Tips for Pool Return Jet

Proper maintenance of pool return jets plays a crucial role in the overall cleanliness of your swimming pool. Keep these maintenance tips in mind to keep your pool sparkling! 

1. Check the jets regularly for clogs & obstructions.

Blockages can restrict water flow and create poor circulation, eventually leading to algae growth and other waterborne diseases. Clean the jets thoroughly, removing any debris or dirt that might have built up over time. 

2. Inspect the pump regularly & ensure it’s functioning correctly.

 A malfunctioning pump can lead to low water pressure, which can cause the pool water to become stagnant, providing a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

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