Replacing a Beaded Pool Liner for an Above Ground Pool

Replacing a beaded pool liner for an above ground swimming pool is very easy. There are a few simple guidelines that will help steer you away from trouble spots.

Guidelines to Follow When Replacing a Beaded Pool Liner

1. Replace a beaded swimming pool liner on a sunny day. Preferably on a day that is 75 degrees or warmer.

2. Prepare the pool before replacing the new liner by draining all of the water out of the pool. Then remove the old pool liner.

3. Re-groom the bottom of the pool with fresh bank sand (also called pool sand). Do not use “torpedo sand.”

4. Measure the pool one last time to make sure you ordered the correct size pool liner before opening the box. Opened boxes are usually not returnable.

5. If the size/measurement is correct, unroll the pool liner out in your yard and let the warm sun hit the liner for at least 30 minutes.

Steps on How to Replace a Beaded Pool Liner

Now you are ready to replace the liner. Remember, having a few helping hands is good advice.

1. Lay the liner out flat in the pool.

2. Center the seam of the liner with respect to the bottom perimeter of the pool. (If the seam of the liner does not fit exactly to the edge of the perimeter of the pool, it is OK.) The goal is to center the liner with respect to the pool, even though the liner seems to come up short.

3. Push out some of the bigger wrinkles on the floor of the liner. It does not have to be perfect yet……the goal is to have the bottom of the liner centered and laying flat with no big wrinkles.

4. Go to the North corner of the pool and slip the beaded edge of the liner into the grooved edge of the bead track that sits on top of the pool wall. Then go to the South corner and do the same. Finally, go to the East and West and repeat.

5. At this point, the liner will be attached to the Bead Receiver (bead track) in 4 spots. Now you should attach the liner at the NW, then SW, then NE, and SE corners. The purpose of this technique is to distribute the stretch evenly.

6. Lastly, attach the liner to the groove at the remaining open spots. If it is a tight fit, this is OK……just lean into the liner with the weight of your body from the inside of the pool to stretch the top of the liner towards the grooved edge of the bead track.

7. When the liner is completely attached, smooth out the wrinkles at the bottom of the pool liner.

8. Do not fill the pool with water until you have the liner where you want it. Once you start filling the pool with water, you are past the point of no return. At this point, it is OK for the liner to be taught (or tight) in the corners.

9. Next, start filling the pool with water. As the puddle of water grows, push the wrinkles out of the liner towards the pool wall. You should remain in the pool until the pool is 3″ full of water. While it is filling, you should continue to stretch the liner by hand toward the pool wall. The goal is to alleviate or lessen the tightness in the corners.

10. When the pool reaches 3″ full of water, you can get out of the pool. Any tightness in the corners will be stretched by the weight of the water.

11. Make sure that you continue to fill the pool during hot and sunny (daylight) hours. Check the pool every 20 minutes until the pool is 2ft. full of water. The purpose of this is to combat the common problem or issue: when or if the beaded lip pulls out of the bead track. If it does, you can put it back in and continue to fill.

12. Do not fill the pool if the sun is not out or if you are not checking the process every 20 minutes.

13. When the water reaches the 2ft. point, you then cut the holes for the skimmer and the return.

Replacing a beaded liner can be easy when the guidelines are followed correctly, but it is always recommended that experienced professionals install pool liners to prevent over-stretching and thinning the vinyl material, which can void the manufacturer’s warranty and make the liner more susceptible to wear and tear.

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