Swimming Pool Maintenance: Losing Water

Losing a large amount of swimming pool water can mean a number of things. First, and probably the most obvious, it could tell the pool owner that the pool liner has a hole. But there is a quick test that you should make before going crazy. Let the water level keep lowering. It that level stops just below the skimmer box or the return jet or fitting, then the problem lies there. If the water level goes well below those plumbing pieces, then the problem is in the swimming pool liner. When the problem is with the plumbing pieces, then you might just have to adjust a clamp, or there might be a problem with the hoses or the skimmer box itself. But if the problem is because of a hole in the liner, you are going to have to find that hole and repair your swimming pool liner. The best and only way to do that is by looking inch by inch in the pool.

If you have an above ground pool, NEVER drain all the water. Liners can be patched with the water in the pool!! The first spots to check for a hole is near a ladder or anywhere there might have been any vacuuming. The best way to patch a vinyl pool liner is to use a professional adhesive to cover the hole. All patches are not guaranteed to work; meaning that the bigger the hole, the less likely it will hold. Also, if the hole is near a corner, this will also give problems with a patch.


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