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When Is the Right Time to Close My Pool?

We get this question a lot toward the end of summer and into the fall. The fact is, there is a right time to close your pool! Many pool owners opt to close their pool as kids head back to school, schedules change, and the days start to get shorter. However, closing your pool depends a lot more on temperature than convenience. 

You should close your pool once the temperature of the water remains consistently below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature & Other Factors When Closing Your Pool

We recommend closing your pool when the water reaches a consistent 65 degrees for a few key reasons. 

  • Your pool chemicals have to work a lot harder in hotter temperatures. If the water temperature is not consistently cool, there’s no way the chemicals will last efficiently through the end of summer and into the winter months. 
  • If the chemicals aren’t working properly or lasting through the season, that means your pool will be a breeding ground for algae, which can stain your liner and make for an extended pool opening process and more difficult cleaning in the spring. 
  • Where you live will definitely have an impact on your water temperature and when you should close your pool. In most areas that experience winter, your water temperature will reach 65 degrees around early to mid-September. However, some warmer climates can keep their pool open well into October. A pool heater can also help you extend your pool season and keep your pool open longer. 
  • As temperatures and seasons change, you might also see a lot more leaves and debris. In that case, a pool cover, additional chemicals, and water testing, and more frequent cleaning will be necessary as you make the most of the last few weeks in your pool. 

Time to close your swimming pool?

If you’re gearing up to close your pool for the season, be sure to check out our handy pool closing guide for above ground pools and stock up on all our winter pool maintenance and pool closing essentials!

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