Why Are Pool Liners Mostly Blue?

As a pool owner, you’ve spent plenty of time lounging around or splashing in a swimming pool. Chances are, you’ve probably noticed that many pool liners are blue in color. There is a lot of conversation around why blue is such a popular color for swimming pool liners and here at LinerWorld, we have joined the conversation.

So, why are pool liners typically blue?

Theory #1

Some say that swimming pool liners are mostly blue and white because it represents cleanliness and contrasts to colors such as green and brown, which could signal a dirty area. In swimming pool changing rooms and decks, the tile color is often blue and white so that patrons have the sense that the area is very hygienic. Not only does this color signify cleanliness, blue and white are also believed to show imperfections the best in a swimming pool. Therefore, if your pool is dirty you will be able to see it more clearly, and address the area that needs cleaning. Keeping your pool tidy is essential to maintaining a safe environment for everyone to enjoy! One of the most critical elements is maintaining the proper water chemistry. This will protect your pool from unwanted bacteria, algae and other microorganisms. Although a blue swimming pool liner can help point out some of these problems, it should not replace routine pool maintenance.

Theory #2

As mentioned in the previous theory, blue represents cleanliness. What it also represents is water! Since pool water is colorless on its own, many owners choose blue swimming pool liners to reflect the natural color of water. Water reflects the blue color of the sky due to Rayleigh scattering, giving the effect that the water is also blue. Choosing the correct shade of blue to accent and make your pool look pristine can be challenging. There are a variety of factors that can affect the color of your pool water including the sky, surrounding area, depth, and sunlight/shade. Water acts as a mirror reflecting off the sky and the elements around it. If your swimming pool is placed in an open area with only blue sky shining down, the water color is likely to remain a nice blue color versus if there are a lot of green trees hovering over top. The depth of the water can also distort the color of your pool liner to be either darker or lighter depending on the area. Sunlight and shade also play a role in the color of your pool water. If your swimming pool is placed directly in the sunlight, you will see a lighter water color. Placing the pool in an area that receives a lot of shade will produce a darker tint to the water.

There are many patterns and hues to consider when choosing your swimming pool liner. But, selecting blue will ensure your pool looks natural and organic. Your guests won’t be able to wait to take a dip!  

Theory #3

Did you know that blue is the most popular color in the world? A study conducted across 10 countries and four continents says that blue is the preferred color throughout the world. Even countries that have spiritual beliefs surrounding color, like China deeming red as the color of luck, picked blue as their top color choice. Psychologically, blue invokes feelings of relaxation and serenity, both things you look for when enjoying an afternoon by the swimming pool. Someone in the process of purchasing a swimming pool liner for their backyard addition may subconsciously associate blue with the serene and relaxing atmosphere they are trying to create.

Blue is also known as a color that can suppress your appetite. Have you ever heard the myth about waiting an hour after eating to dive into the pool? Could it be possible that a blue pool liner will prevent you from indulging in one last cupcake at the backyard cookout, allowing you to swim with no worries of cramping? We don’t have any evidence to back up this portion of the theory but we’d like to think it could be possible!

We have our theories of why blue is such a popular color for swimming pool liners! What are some of yours?

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  1. ExcelPools says:

    Whatever the reason is, blue really looks good in the pool. Anyway, thank you for sharing these theories!

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