Mid-Season Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance entails more than just opening and winterizing a pool. Mid-season pool maintenance is an important part of pool ownership. The industry pros at LinerWorld explain…

Swimming Pool Maintenance – DE Filters

Checking all the equipment used for a swimming pool mid way through the season is very important for the filter systems to run properly. When dealing with a DE filter, it is best to empty out the grid area of the dirt and clean the grid of the DE. When the DE builds up on the grid, it can cause the pressure to rise when the system is working and as a result it won’t work as well. It is recommended that the grinds be cleaned at the beginning and end of the season, as well as mid way through the season.

Pool Maintenance – Skimmer Boxes

Throughout the season, the skimmer box and its components should be checked for cracks and any other leaks. If the face plate or body of the skimmer box is cracked, it needs to be replaced since it is not possible to patch or save it. Replacing this can be tricky, especially when the pool has a vinyl liner. It is also important to ensure that the skimmer box is not leaking. This would be a noticeable issue if the water level starts to drop. The next thing to do is tighten all the screws on the box to make sure there is not a leak and to prevent any future leaks. If the skimmer box is leaking, and tightening the screws doesn’t work, then you might have to replace the box. In addition, if the skimmer basket is broken, it might be a good idea to replace that too. Finally, you should check to be sure big piece of debris are not lodged in the skimmer. This can cause the hoses to become clogged, which will in turn make the filter system have low pressure and work incorrectly.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that the skimmer box should be replaced right away in case of leaks. After this summer, I will get my pool inspected since it wouldn’t be used much once the weather gets colder. I should definitely also get a pool leak detection service on top of that just to make sure that the my excessive usage of my pool to cool of during the summer didn’t damage it in any way.

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