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How do I Adapt a Beaded Liner to an Overlap Pool Liner?

“Can a beaded liner be used on an overlap pool?” “Is beaded liner better than overlap?” “Can I convert a beaded liner for an overlap swimming pool?” Changing from beaded liners to overlap is a common question from pool owners. This process is a common and viable solution to change your existing above ground pool setup from a beaded pool liner to an overlap liner. Let the swimming pool pros at LinerWorld walk you through the process.

Why change from a beaded to an overlap liner? Are beaded liners better than overlap?

There are a number of reasons you might want to adapt your above ground pool liner from beaded to overlap…

  • Overlap pool liners tend to last a little longer and have a smaller failure rate. By choosing overlap pool liners you may be setting your pool up with a better all-round solution.
  • The pattern, style, or size you need may only be available in overlap liners.
  • The overlap liner may be cheaper or available at a discounted rate.

Keep in mind that when you make this change, you will have to purchase and install coping along with the overlap pool liner.

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How to adapt to an overlap pool liner

Adapting to an overlap liner is very simple. First, you have to wrap the pool liner over the pool wall. Then, add the coping. Lastly, attach your existing bead receiver on top of the coping.

This process has been completed successfully hundreds of times and seems to set you up with a better solution for your swimming pool. Good luck!

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21 responses to “How do I Adapt a Beaded Liner to an Overlap Pool Liner?”

  1. Manuel Pruneda says:

    I would greatly appreciate a video or visual aid to help me convert from j hook to overly option. Please

  2. Nick says:

    We have an above ground pool 18×33 oval. It has a beaded vinyl liner. With vinyl liners on back order until the fall we have found one vendor with an overlap liner in that size. Is it possible to use the the overlap liner in this application?

  3. Danielle Harris says:

    We are struggling with the overlap liner. We put the coping on, but as we fill up the water, the liner is coming out. Now we are trying again and we are having a hard time lining up the liner and the seams ? We could use help.

  4. Dana Nelson says:

    We have a 12×18 ft beaded liner. Can’t find a liner for it and want to convert it to a overlap. Any tips, should I order taller ?

    • Pool Guru says:

      Converting to an Overlap from a Beaded liner is simple! All you need to purchase is an Overlap pool liner and Coping Strips to hold the liner to your pool wall. All of our Overlap liners will fit up to 54” deep. We do sell Expandable Overlap liners if you have a depth over 54” and up to 72”.

  5. PAULINE says:

    How much should the liner overlap?

    • Pool Guru says:

      Depending on your pool, our Overlap Liners will typically have between 1” – 6” of overlap.

  6. tina says:

    how so u take a spline out of a radiant pool?

  7. Steve says:

    Have a 24 beaded pool liner but it’s too big by about 15 inches of extra bead have reinstalled it 4 times still end with about the same extra . Any suggestions? Can I make this beaded liner an overlap to take up the extra liner?

  8. Dennis says:

    I got the overlap on mistake but looking at converting from a uni hook. I understand that I would need the coping to secure it. Can I put my metal railing back on the coping to hold the pool together?

  9. Denise says:

    Our pool has previously had an overlap liner can we change to a beaded liner?

    • Pool Guru says:

      Great question! Yes, you can definitely change your overlap liner to a beaded liner! All you will need is the beaded liner of your choice, and a set of bead receiver to hold the beaded liner to your pool wall. You will install your bead receiver to the top of your bare pool wall with the “lip” or “tracking” facing the inside of your pool, and the beaded portion of the liner will snap down into the track. Please feel free to reach out directly if you have any further questions:

  10. Daralee L patrick says:

    Could someone please help me find information on switching my 28ft round 54 deep unibead to overlap? We can not find the univead in our size. It’s special order. Was here when we bought the house 😞

  11. Bob says:

    I bought an over lap pool liner and can return it how can i install it to my underground pool that is concreted

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