I have installed the pool liner and it does not look the way I would like it to, what do I do?

The second that you do not like the job that you are doing, you should turn the water off and adjust the pool liner until you are satisfied. If you follow this rule of thumb to the tee, the pool will never overfill past the point that you are unsatisfied with. Once the water level raises above the point that has wrinkles or needs adjusting, you’re stuck with those imperfections in the swimming pool liner.

There is no fix. So do not overfill past a point that you do not like and check the pool very frequently as it fills. You may have to spend a lot of time watching your pool fill, but until you are a professional installer, this will be necessary. The quality of the job, including whether or not the pool liner holds water, is on your shoulders as the installer.

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